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What to do with 3yr old in Dublin

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ANGELMOTHER Thu 13-Mar-03 14:39:14

I find it strange to have to ask this as I am from Dublin town but that was pre-dd.
Have searched the net but come up with little that I don't know of or anything impressive. I will be there for a month and although there will be much family and friends etc, I know dd will miss her routine of pre-school and Jo Jingles etc so wondered if anyone has been there recently and know's of anywhere worth recommending.
I'm afraid all I remember is the pubs

BigBird Thu 13-Mar-03 14:55:35

The new national aquatic centre just opened this week at abbotstown (quite near Blanchardstown shopping centre). There is supposed to be a fabulous pool with loads of slides and a lazy river and a water rollercoaster and is quite reasonable (35 euro for a family of 4).
Other than that there is the zoo, a trip to killiney beach or sandymount strand, out near Lucan there is a huge outdoor adventure centre with big wooden climbing frames, feed the ducks in St Stephens Green, Natural History museum with lots of creatures.
I don't have first hand experience of any of this with a toddler but it's a start !!!!
Enjoy your trip

ps. you could post a message on and to get more advice. eumom is busier.

ANGELMOTHER Thu 13-Mar-03 16:23:44

Wow Bigbird you know your stuff on Dublin, will check out eumom and rollercoaster, thanks for the advice

BigBird Thu 13-Mar-03 17:12:44

spotted you on rollercoaster just there !!! Seeing as you're near Santry I think there is a total fitness gym around there which probably has a creche attached - I don't know if you need to be a member or not but might be worth checking. You could also contact cuidiu - I suppose it's like the Irish version of NCT only not so big. Never attended any of the meetings myself but they hold playgroups etc. and might have info on fun things to do. I'm in Cork and there is mini-music and play-gyms around but as I said my Dublin experience is also pre-dd so my experience is limited. Have a nice time !
ps. some local libraries have free internet access (u have to book) so u can keep up your mumsnet browsing.

ANGELMOTHER Thu 13-Mar-03 18:08:19

Bigbird I love you

helenmh Fri 14-Mar-03 11:18:51

I have spent some time in dublin with the kids. Dublin zoo was definitely a big hit. If the weather is nice st stephens green. There was an interactive place called Dublinia. We went to Howth on the train for the seaside. I think the Dublin writers museum has a childrens section.

nerdgirl Fri 14-Mar-03 21:58:25

Just came back from the National Acquatic Centre. It's the business! They have a little kids section with a pirate ship and four little water slides that my almost three year old adored. The leisure pool is great and includes a long winding channel with a current to carry you along.

It's very new though and likely to be jammers at the weekends.

maryz Fri 14-Mar-03 23:46:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nerdgirl Sat 15-Mar-03 12:10:04

If you like the 'Giraffes' style play centres then I think 'kidzone' in Swords is the best of them. And they recently refurbished it.

ANGELMOTHER Sun 16-Mar-03 09:23:43

Thanks for the help girls, still surprised I can't come up with these myself but if anyone wants a list of great pubs in the city I could write a book
Now I have to deal with Mumsnet detox.

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