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Anyone been to Mauritius?

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Sponge Mon 14-Mar-05 14:07:47

Was it lovely? Where did you stay? Would you recommend it? Any tips?
I'm especially interested if you went in our summer (their winter). Was the weather OK?

discodolly Tue 15-Mar-05 15:53:07

Mauritius is absolutely FANTASTIC!!! I can't recommend it enough. I went there in August (their Winter) for my honeymoon a couple of years ago and it was the best holiday I have ever had. We stayed in the north of the island in Grand Baie at La Mauricia. Grand Baie is quite a cosmopolitan area with designer shops and loads of restaurants, the hotel we stayed at was pretty nice and not grossly expensive compared to some of the luxurious hotels in that area (although if you've got the dosh I'd splash out cos they look amazing!!). The weather was in the 70's most days and was quite cloudy but we did have a couple of days of on/off rain. The people are the nicest I've met - in the hotels the staff all speak 3/4 languages - and was quite happy to wander round the back roads and markets without the fear of getting majorly hassled.

If you go I recommend going on lots of the trips as that is what made our holiday really memorable especially when the weather wasn't so great. One of the best days we had was quad biking in the mountains - it absolutely tipped it down which just added to the fun (you get dressed up in waterproofs). Other trips I'd recommend are dolphin watching (we did this on our last day and saw whales too - quite an emotional moment!); catamaran trip to deserted island (the name escapes me as have waffy preggers head at mo!) and try the undersea walking (big bowl on top of your head, jump off back of boat and view the fish from the bottom of the sea!!)

The food is fabulous, mainly buffet based in the hotels if you go half board which I was slightly worried about but I really couldn't fault it - put on half a stone while there much to my horror!!

Shopping is pretty good especially in Port Louis - there are Ralph Lauren factory shops everywhere which are dirt cheap (£7 for a mans shirt) and a lot of the surfing makes eg billabong, quiksilver etc are made there too which again is really, really cheap (hubby came back with enough clothes to last a lifetime!)

If you go in their Winter I would avoid staying on the East coast as it gets really windy and I heard that some of the beaches on the South West are very corally so you have to wear shoes.

Think thats about it! If you're a real beach bunny then Winter might not be best time to go as you might be a bit disappointed but if you're looking for a good all round hols then I give it 20 out of 10!

Sponge Wed 16-Mar-05 16:42:04

Thanks for the info.
We're keen divers so that's part of the attraction so lying on the beach all day isn't the primary motivation (although some of that would be nice, epspecially if dd enjoys the kids club).
We can't afford the super luxury places either but are looking at a couple in Flic en Flac which is half way down the west coast.

jollymum Wed 16-Mar-05 16:46:00


Sponge Wed 16-Mar-05 16:51:54

Without you? And you're still married?

Blu Tue 22-Mar-05 15:08:03

have you booked yet, Sponge? have seen some good offers recently, East coast etc...

Sponge Thu 24-Mar-05 16:21:13

We've just booked. The Sugar Beach (which is west coast - apparently east coast can be v windy that time of year) on a buy first week get second one free deal. Going for 2 weeks in July. I can't wait .

CelluliteQueen Fri 25-Mar-05 06:54:50

Hi Sponge, lucky you - I'm so jealous. DH and I honeymooned for 3 weeks at Le Saint Geran and it was fabulous. Those were the days........

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