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How long does it take to get a passport?

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Socci Sun 13-Mar-05 23:34:52

Message withdrawn

mummytosteven Sun 13-Mar-05 23:35:41

If you send off via post office (pay a few quid extra for it) should be 2 weeks ish.

Gwenick Sun 13-Mar-05 23:36:50

I applied for ours (my change of name one - and DS's first passports) by post just after (or was it just before [frown]) Christmas.

I posted on the Saturday lunchtime - and got the passports the following Friday!

HUNKERMUNKER Sun 13-Mar-05 23:37:13

this answers the second question and this answers the first

Have a fab holiday - where are you going?

Socci Sun 13-Mar-05 23:42:47

Message withdrawn

HUNKERMUNKER Sun 13-Mar-05 23:43:59

Sangria will cloud that reality, Socci - enjoy!

Seriously, I hope you enjoy it and don't miss them too much.

Socci Sun 13-Mar-05 23:49:26

Message withdrawn

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