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london !! ealing info

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debzmb62 Sun 02-Nov-08 23:48:16

hi can anyone tell me what ealing is like my daughter is moving to ealing in london and i,d like to know some info about the place she was living in isligton and it was ok were she lived but don,t know about ealing

wohmum Mon 03-Nov-08 00:19:07

Ealing's pretty nice - some v lovely bits and a few not so - but no many iof those really.

good links, fab houses, lots of restaurants, very child friendly - ca't fault it not cheap!

debzmb62 Mon 03-Nov-08 14:00:51

hi thanks for that i worry as you hear such bad things she,s loving it up there she has,nt got any children yes but i,m hoping but she just enyoys her job

debzmb62 Mon 03-Nov-08 14:02:11

that was has,nt got any children yet lol my spelling is so bad !!grin

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