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Car hire and car seats

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minxpinx Sat 01-Nov-08 09:30:31

We have just come back from Italy where we hired a car for the day. The car hire was £35 and the car seat hire was £45! I thought that was a bit of a rip off. The seat was also really grubby and the people at the company had no idea how to fit it properly.
has anyone else had a similar experience?

DadInsteadofMum Sat 01-Nov-08 14:23:31

I have always taken my own (booster seats or when younger light weight polystyrene single piece seats).

My main concern is not fitting or cleanliness, just they I have no way of knowing the history of any car seat I hire, if it has been damaged either in an accident, or more likely somebody else who doesn't know how to fit it and has forced something to go where it shouldn't.

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