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Separate holidays

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Jethers Mon 27-Oct-08 13:20:33

Travel has always been important to me and my husband but the holidays we used to love are generally unsuitable for a small child (18 months). We're thinking that as well as a family holiday each year, each of us could get a week away by ourselves to do our thing while the other looks after the toddler at home. Has anyone else tried this? Are there any pitfalls we haven't thought of?

mumof2222222222222222boys Mon 27-Oct-08 13:39:04

Interesting one and in some ways tempting, but ultimately not for me. Children do change your life hugely and clearly there is an effect on holidays. For example my DH and I are both good, keen skiers. In the past we used to go to eg Val d'Isere and get on teh first lift and ski till the slopes shut. Now we still go skiing, but to usually tiny resorts where you can get a 2 hour lift pass and swap it between you so that one gets a run, the other plays on the piste/ sleges /tries the little one on skis. then we have lunch and wrap for the day. Once a holiday we try and have a full day to ourselves.

It is what works for you. As I see it though, I work full time and the holidays are for the children and not just for my relaxing - although these shouldn't be mutually exclusive!

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