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Malaria - tablets needed for 2 year old?

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hockeymum Tue 08-Mar-05 13:19:07

Hi. We are off to St. Lucia Wetlands Park in South Africa and its currently being changed to a no-risk or low-risk malaria area and the doctors cant agree on whether we need to take any anti-malarial tablets. We have been given a choice as to which ones we take but no advice on this as it is a private prescription. Has anyone any experience of this? Have your children taken any of these tablets and have they had side effects? Has anyone been to this area of South Africa?

MeerkatsUnite Tue 08-Mar-05 13:32:47


Have a look at this website; it relates to malaria and South Africa.

When do you travel there?. As I understand it with taking such anti malarial tablets you have to start taking them about a week before you go and continue for at least three weeks after you return. Such drugs are not for children to use.

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