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Anyone been to Zakynthos?

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desperatehousewife Tue 08-Mar-05 10:47:52

Where did you stay? Was it a good holiday? Was it expensive?

woodpops Tue 08-Mar-05 11:54:23

Yep, been to Lagana and stayed at the hotel tzante. We had a great time. Don't remember the cost though as it was in 95 that we went with dh, who was then dp and it was pre children. I was only 18!!! I do know that Lagana is the 'lively' resort with a nightlife that matches it.

desperatehousewife Tue 08-Mar-05 11:57:55

ah yes, before kids, before marriage - I remember it faintly!

Need somewhere to take 3 yr old - so clubs probably not on the agenda!

Thanks though WP

anchovies Tue 08-Mar-05 11:58:54

kalamaki (or however you spell it!) is supposed to be nice, good beach for little ones

snafu Tue 08-Mar-05 11:59:29

Yes, went to Lagana in 93, girly holiday with uni friends, very much pre-kids! Stayed in an apartment on the main drag. It was great fun, cheap and cheerful, but personally not somewhere I'd take kids. It was pretty lively and had lots of nightlife 12 years ago and I would imagine there's even more now

Think Zakynthos does have some quieter resorts though so probably worth checking out. The beaches were nice and some of the countryside is pretty, iirc.

beansprout Tue 08-Mar-05 12:01:27

The other resorts are a bit quieter. They still have a share of bars etc but as long as you are not too near them you would be ok. I went 2 weeks after 9/11 and it was pretty quiet. It's ok if you are not looking to do too much.

sweetkitty Tue 08-Mar-05 12:09:12

We went in Sept 03 it was winding down then can't remember the name of the hotel we stayed at, the weather wasn't boiling hot and it rained for the first 2 days, we hired a car and explored the island (DP loved the hairpin bends) the beaches are fantastic. I liked it a lot DP thought it was a bit too basic though. Airport was a total joke though.

Lucycat Tue 08-Mar-05 12:32:11

We went to a resort called Tsilivi (sillyvee!), quite close to the airport (but no noise),fantastic, big, broad beach, quite unusual for Greece IMO, resort was fairly lively but flat, so easy for little ones to walk. The island itself isn't that exciting at the southern end as most of the 'Greek' buildings were destroyed in the '53 earthquake. We have travelled with Kosmar, fairly cheap and cheerful, but fine. Try this link.

Could do with some Greek sun myself atm!!

Lucycat Tue 08-Mar-05 12:35:31

Oh just noticed that the link goes direct to some apartments - we didn't stay here, the ones we stayed in seem to have disappeared from their brochure! The resort is pretty much the same though!

Socci Tue 08-Mar-05 12:35:59

Message withdrawn

desperatehousewife Tue 08-Mar-05 12:36:03

thanks lucycat - really helpful.

Lucycat Tue 08-Mar-05 12:46:02

Or if you really want opinions on where to stay in the resort try this link it may be of some use.

I'm really a frustrated wannabee travel agent!

GRMUM Tue 08-Mar-05 12:48:46

I always recommend Tsilivi for holidays with young children in Zakynthos. Its the best. The beach is big as Lucycat says and very shallow which = safe and warm for little ones.Plenty of stuff going on in the evenings, it is basically a family resort as opposed to Lagana which is 18-30 type resort.

elliott Tue 08-Mar-05 16:40:26

someone recommended daphne's in vasilikos on here a while ago - anyone know anything about it?

Willow2 Fri 25-Mar-05 22:39:20

vasillikos is very pretty, quiet and great beaches.

Evesmama Fri 25-Mar-05 22:44:42

lagana was great and would go back there with dd(nearly two) as they were v.friendly and pro children..does seem to have got a bit busier/younger now in main summer months but TBH july was far too hot, but lovely place, crap hotel(alexandra)and lovely turtle beaches

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