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Flying with Easyjet: can I check in my car seat?

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Stagiaire Mon 07-Mar-05 21:29:23

We're flying to Glasgow with Easyjet with a 9-month old in May. We want to take her car seat as we're hiring a car in Glasgow. We can't find anything on Easyjet's website about whether they allow you to check in car seats. If they do I'm not sure whether the seat would take up part of our baggage allowance (i.e. 20kg for myself and dp) and therefore not sure whether I need to pack lightly! Has anyone flown with Easyjet recently and checked in their car seat? What's the deal?

ja9 Mon 07-Mar-05 21:39:57

yep. i've done this a few times - no problem. just have to check it into 'outsize luggage', but they'll direct you at the check in desk.

sweetkitty Mon 07-Mar-05 21:39:57

I'm going to Glasgow with Ryanair on Saturday and taking the car seat I never assumed you couldn't I've often seen them floating past on the luggage belt at baggage reclaim.

Hope someone who knows posts soon.

irishbird Mon 07-Mar-05 21:52:30

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

irishbird Mon 07-Mar-05 21:53:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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