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best travel stroller

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ajmum Mon 07-Mar-05 15:58:58

I've posted this on the Products thread also:
We already have a M&P monstrosity travel system and a very very expensive (and huge) proper jogging stroller from Canada (that I really need to use more often), but now I feel the need to buy a travel stroller. Something light and compact that can stay in the car, come on holiday etc. We travel quite a bit so it is more than a luxury really. We took the M&P to Mauritius and South Africa when dd was 5 months old but now she's older (10 months) I think she doesn't need a from birth stroller as much.

I have recently seen a Quinny Zapp in mothercare. It looks really cool, but the best bit is that it folds down to nothing and could even be stored in an overhead bin on an aircraft.

However, style comes at the cost of some function. There's only one seat position and there is NOOO shopping basket. The lack of a shopping basket means that the rating for the Zapp is quite low on the Mumsnet stroller rating, but all other figures are quite high. I think it would be the highest rated if the shopping basket wasn't an issue.

So basically should I go for a good Maclaren Quest (shopping basket and more seat positions) or should we look cool on holiday with our Zapp?

I am favouring the Zapp at present as I am v shallow and like nice things....and I feel upset that I ended up with an M&P bog standard stroller when there were nice things like Bugaboos and Xplorys out there (of which I was oblivious until the M&P was in use)!

kbaby Mon 07-Mar-05 20:58:55

Cant help you much as I had the same dilema last week. We have a m&p but need something light for hols. I like the quinny and theres another trendy one but cant think of name. They look really different but to me just didnt seem comfortable enough. When were out in the day/night on hols I want dd to sleep in her buggy and I thought that it wouldnt be fair to let her sleep sat up as in the quinny. So even though I prefer the quinny etc for looks I would go for the mclaren for comfort.

anchovies Mon 07-Mar-05 21:01:48

Got to agree with kbaby, the fact that the seat doesn't recline on the zapp so it'd be uncomfortable to sleep in means it doesn't get my vote

janeybops Mon 07-Mar-05 21:07:28

I have a Graco citi lite. 4.5 kilos and lies flat. Doesn't fold as small as a stroller though, but does have a carrying handle.

beatie Tue 08-Mar-05 15:34:57

I know they are boring and everyone has one but I'd still recommend the Maclaren Quest. Maclaren make their strollers of very high quality and ours is 20 months old, has seen a lot of usage and looks as good as new.

It folds easily with one hand and has a carrying handle so it's good for travel.

eidsvold Wed 09-Mar-05 06:37:49

I bought a chicco - think it was a caddy - around the world and back again. We took it to Aus when our dd1 was 8 months old and then brought it back when we emigrated to Aus. IT was very reasonable and came with a raincover and a carrybag - used the carrybag for it to go on the plane. No damage and we are still using it over 2 years later. It is very light - also has a shoulder strap so easy to carry. The caddy also reclined for her to sleep - not fully horizontal but enough for her to be comfortable - we took it on the beach, all over the place.

Mojomummy Mon 30-May-05 00:11:25

Hello, is your M&P the pram or the pliko ? I had the pram, but bought an Aria for our hols last summer when dd was 11 months old. I then bought a pliko (both were second hand) because the aria, although it had a comfy padded & spacious seat, didn't have a leg rest.
The pliko was fab, comfortable for dd & folded quikly ( when about to board plane) & laid more or less flat. I also used a baby sheepskin in the stroller. Dd loved to hold the bumper bar & look out - which the maclarens don't have.
This year we are thinking of taking the aria as she is almost 2 & prefers to walk. The aria is still nice & comfy (certainly has a more padded seat than the maclaren) is lightweight & stands alone when folded. And of course has the important bumper bar for dd to grab hold of

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