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Tips needed for 12 hr flight with a 10 month old

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kbaby Fri 04-Mar-05 21:00:44

Im going to las vegas in 3 weeks and im dreading the flights. What tips do you all have to keep me sane and keep dd occupied. DD is at that wont sit on my lap stage and i am dreading being a pain to all other passengers.

milward Fri 04-Mar-05 21:20:57

Are you bf? - this will help to calm her and she might feed & sleep. Let her move around as much as poss before flight to tire her out a bit. Have her favourite snacks handy. Take a babysling to help getting on & off the plane as you'll need two hands for your bags. Use this during the flight if you need to walk around with her. Plus can go to the loo with her in the sling (a squeeze but possible!!) Difficult to decide between the window seat (bit more room) or the aisle (you can get up quickly but others will disturb you & babe to get by as well). Think I'd go for the window seat. Have never tried the skycots but some mums like them. My dds always happier to stay in my arms & would wake up if popped in a cot. Take a tea towel to wipe up the dribble. You wont be able to use your table for the meal probably so have some snacks handy for you. Don't worry about other passengers if dd cries etc. Ignore their glances - you will be doing fine. The time will pass - you'll get there. The return flight will be the best as you'll know what works for your dd. Good luck

Smurfs Fri 04-Mar-05 21:37:50

kbaby - we flew to S Africa with DS when he was 6 months, 14 months and 18 months old and found that Calpol was a godsend - also had colds at the time so didn't feel too bad giving it to him. Picture books, favourite toy, Happyland people - to make up stories about, chocolate buttons and pain to carry but invaluable a - feather pillow as he slept across his seat and mine and armrest was in the way. (For future reference it is worth paying for child to have own seat on long hauls - once had flight to Jo'burg with DS on lap for entire journey - oh what fun!)
Finally ignore other passengers stares - you will never see them again after the flight!

Hope this helps

pinkmamma Sun 13-Mar-05 08:07:22

Hi there
I flew with 8 month old with Virgin on eight hour flight (on my own!!!). It was absolutely fine - much easier that it is now that he is 2!

Firstly try and check in as early as poss - Virgin do twilight check in the night before to USA. Explain to the checki=-in folk that you are worried she won't sit on your lap etc. and try to get bulk head seats (you could try pre-booking these but they tend to keep them for under 6m). I politely and sweetly asked if they could possibly avoid putting anybody right next to me (and they managed to do this on outbound and inward flights) - both times i got the bulk head seats (you know the ones where there is no one in front of you) - there was plenty of room and i put the virgin blankets down on the floor for him to play on. I was blessed that both times I had nice ladies sat on end of my row who thought DS was great and vice versa. The stewardesses were great for holding baby while I went to loo and so on.

I took plenty of drinks and snacks. Give them a dummy or bottle for take off and landing as it helps their ears equalise.

I brought a little back pack and filled it with new little toys and bits and bobs that he hadn't seen before.

Other passengers tend to be understanding of babies - I think its when you got a 5 yr old having a big tantrum you get dissaproved of. At the end of the day if anyone has a problem ignore them or give them a snooty look! You paid for your tickets just as they did - we were all babies once.
good luck you will be fine!

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