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marina - question about s/c in the isle of wight

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emmaij Tue 25-Feb-03 10:00:57

I know that you have s/c all over west wight. Was hoping that you might give me some insider feedback on some of the nicer places you've ended up in. Dont mind rustic and basic but not into swirly carpets, dusty lampshades and victoriania (spell??) looking at a long w/e.

Marina Tue 25-Feb-03 10:27:19

Emmaij, I'll dig out the brochure we have used in the past. I have horrid feeling that the nicest place we stayed in (wing of a farmhouse in pretty, secluded Mottistone) is no longer available, but I will double-check. Shame, because it pretty much fitted your requirements from the sound of things.
I'll be back...with some website details too. I would always recommend the National Trust, and in West Wight they have three locations, as far as I recall: the cottages up at Needles Lighthouse, a really remote property at the top end of a valley near Mottistone (no elec, just gas!), and a more civilised property in Mottistone itself.

emmaij Tue 25-Feb-03 15:25:11

thanks marina.

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