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Anyone been to LA - what's it like?

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Socci Thu 03-Mar-05 20:06:58

Message withdrawn

uwila Thu 03-Mar-05 20:12:18

It's my FAVOURITE place inj America. Love it! Yes, good for kids. Disney Land. Universal Studios. The beach. If you are going, I am jealous!

franke Thu 03-Mar-05 20:12:59

We stopped off in LA for a few days on an American trip 18 months ago with our dd who was then 15 months. Our main reason for going was to visit my brother who lives there. I found it quite tough going I have to say. There's no real centre and everything is quite far apart and split up by huge main roads.

We visited the new Getty centre which was fabulous, Venice Beach is worth a look and then... I think we suffered for lack of a good travel guide and found much more to do as a fmaily in San Fransisco.

Sorry if this is a bit neg. Will be really interested to see what others say.

franke Thu 03-Mar-05 20:18:02

There you go - 2 completely opposing views! As I said we had a carp guide book.

Socci Thu 03-Mar-05 20:20:02

Message withdrawn

sassy Thu 03-Mar-05 20:47:14

We did a big California trip pre-kids 4 yrs ago. Have to say we liked LA least of all the places we visited, though it is great for the gawp factor! You HAVE to have a car cos the distances are so big, also nice touristy areas can suddenly get v dodgy without warning and you wouldn't really want this to happen if you were on foot.
Good things to do - Beverly Hills, find a cafe and star spot; Disney and Universal (pre-book tickets in UK, often cheaper and saves queuing on the day); Santa Monica pier and Muscle Beach area - consider hiring bikes for this. Best beach is at Malibu, and this is where stars hang out so you may see someone famous. Hollywood walk of fame and chinese theatre - but this area can be surprisingly rough!

RTKangaMummy Thu 03-Mar-05 20:51:31

We are going at Easter to Beverley Hills and to Disney and Universal

Where are the shops where can buy stuff for DS like trainers etc.

not Rodeo Dr but outlet malls

Our hotel is near Rodeo Dr so obviously will be shopping there for me

Socci Thu 03-Mar-05 21:17:09

Message withdrawn

LipstickMum Thu 03-Mar-05 21:31:48

I love LA. Have only had a couple of 'stopover' trips there, but loved every minute of it. We stayed in Santa Monica, great for shopping. However, I wasn't looking for anything special e.g. bargains so can't help you there I'm afraid.

We went to Universal; huge, fabulous, great fun (and that was pre kids ) it should be pretty easy to book all those tours from your hotel or find a travel centre. We also went to Knottsberry farm (??) which is not a farm at all but a theme park with some great rides!! I think it has the world's first or oldest wooden rollercoaster and believe me, all the creaks make for a much scarier ride I think this place was recommended to us because we didn't have young kids though.

Great places to eat, brilliant American breakfasts, where they bring you coffee as soon as you sit down, just like the movies! Oh, and pancakes like I have never tasted!!

Everyone was very friendly too, people would pass us and say "hi" for no apparant reason other than to be friendly and loads of people stopped to tell us how cute our dd was

Lots of people I know slate it, but I say, take it for what it is; a huge, sprawling city with an economy bigger than some countries and then you'll have fun!!

PS. We used Lonely Plaent guide to LA.

Socci Thu 03-Mar-05 21:38:23

Message withdrawn

RTKangaMummy Thu 03-Mar-05 21:46:23


LipstickMum Thu 03-Mar-05 21:49:23

Virgin's pretty good. If you have a search on the travel topic, I think you'll find loads of threads with tips for entertaining children on planes. If you can possibly afford it, I would get seat for your 1yr old too. Then you'll have all the space you need. Although, if I'm nonest, I'd probably put up with 8 hours of potential discomfort and spend the £300 saved on some more shopping !!

Socci Thu 03-Mar-05 22:14:19

Message withdrawn

RTKangaMummy Thu 03-Mar-05 23:48:33

wanted to go business class and do a good deal on prices

Plus get good kiddie bags and adult goodie bags

Like the food and tv screens for you only

And they are BRITSH and I admire RB

MeerkatsUnite Fri 04-Mar-05 07:01:00


Virgin do not have "business class" on their flights. They have economy, premium economy (some people say this is a rip off) and upper. Upper class to LA is going to cost you a fair bit and so is premium economy. You may actually find BA cheaper to fly with.

Having used both BA and Virgin to LA in the past BA win hands down!. They are much more attentive of children's needs and are more friendly overall.

LA is a huge sprawl; it's a city of many cities spread out over a wide area. Some areas are far better for children than others - Anaheim is a good place for a family holiday as Disneyland and Knotts Berry Farm to name but two are within easy travelling time.

Also in the area there's the South Coast Plaza and Santa Ana Marketplace - two fab shopping malls!.

happymerryberries Fri 04-Mar-05 07:22:23

I have been to SF and LA, both pre kids. LA is fun as long as you know where you want to go, you can't go there and think, 'Lets go for a wander and see what we want to do today, as there is no city centre to walk about (or pavements in many places!). There are lots of places to visit (bet you kids would like the La Brea tar pits and all the skeletons they have pulled out of them for example), but you must have a hire car and a plan to make it work. Get a good guide book before you go and read up. It is often a bit 'plastic' but still great fun for all that.

SF is also great but to my mind more 'real', more like a real city. Beautiful areas aroud to visit, Muir Woods and terrific, the wine growing areas. There are lots of touristy places too , like Alcatras and the golden gate bridge.

I like both places but much prefer SF

littlerach Fri 04-Mar-05 09:35:00

Have to agree that LA has no centre, you end up looking for things!! Santa Monica os great, excellent pub called Kings Head there!

We have flown with most companies - inlaws live there - last was with American Airlines who were fab. We have 2 DDs, 4 and 6 months, and they were fine. Touch screen tv kept oldest amused, little one had sky crib and slept a lot.
No kids meals, but adult meal was good, even for fussy DD1.

I posted a lot on RTKM's thread aboput LA, was a little while ago, but listed some of the stuff we have done.

RTKangaMummy Fri 04-Mar-05 09:44:52

Yes I meant Premium economy

Called it "business" because I thought that would show what I meant

ie. not economy and not 1st class

We chose premium because of the legroom mainly for such a long flight.

My parents have flown premium and 1st and of course 1st is so much better,

Also premium is upstairs on way home and DS is really excited about going upstairs on a plane.

MeerkatsUnite Fri 04-Mar-05 10:52:57

Also one advantage with Virgin's premium economy is that there is a separate check in line for it!.

Hope you have a great holiday.

RTKangaMummy Fri 04-Mar-05 11:12:22

Thats true

No long queue


Socci Fri 04-Mar-05 17:32:51

Message withdrawn

Socci Fri 04-Mar-05 18:26:45

Message withdrawn

RTKangaMummy Fri 04-Mar-05 19:24:51

IIRC about 11+ hours approx.

That is completly off top of my head

Hence why we wanted to go PREMIUM so we can move easier.

Socci Fri 04-Mar-05 20:13:15

Message withdrawn

SofiaAmes Sat 05-Mar-05 02:28:49

I am from LA and I think it's the best city in the world to live in. However, as far as a tourist destination, it depends on your taste in holidays. You absolutely need to have a car to get around. The beaches are beautiful and there are lots of fantastic natural beauty sites to visit in the area (need to have car). The modern architecture is super and of course there's disney and the other theme parks (though your kids are really too young for these). The restaurants are great and all of them will have highchairs and be childfriendly.

I go out twice a year with my kids (now 2 and 4) and have to say that BA wins hands down in terms of child friendliness. Especially since you have a 1 year old, go BA. They will let you pre-book the bulkhead (only airline that will confirm this in advance) and will provide you with an awesome seat thing for your baby. Their fares are the cheapest generally too.

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