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anyone used a skycot? can you "describe" one to me please?

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tiredemma Thu 03-Mar-05 19:38:52

im just a work ( travel agents) and a customer is querying what the skycot on transatlantic flight is like. as its out of office hours now i cant check with the airline, can anyone hep me and describe one????

advocateofthedevil Thu 03-Mar-05 19:40:15

It's like a box with no lid that straps onto a large pull down table attached to the bulkhead!

Janh Thu 03-Mar-05 19:41:44

I don't know what they're like now but 20 years ago it was a small shallow cardboard box with shoulders (distressingly coffin-shaped in fact ) - we were so disappointed we felt obliged to nick the TWA blanket that was in it.

Janh Thu 03-Mar-05 19:42:38

And no pull-down table - ours had to go on the floor. Are they still cardboard boxes then? You'd think technology would have moved on a bit.

NotQuiteCockney Thu 03-Mar-05 19:42:59

The BA one can be a box, or they also come as little reclining chairs, actually pretty cool.

crumpet Thu 03-Mar-05 19:43:28

the one we used was a canvas rectangle for the baby to sleep in, and was just clipped onto the bulkhead wall in front of the seat - there wasn't a table. There was a large belt that zipped across the top (but didn't touch the baby) so that it didn't fly out in there was turbulence. There are weight restrictions but don't know what they are

tiredemma Thu 03-Mar-05 19:43:59

would a 5mth old be safe in one? he cant sit up and fall out can he?

Janh Thu 03-Mar-05 19:45:09

This says it's like a hammock.

Janh Thu 03-Mar-05 19:47:16

Discussion here , emma - 5 months may be little enough, but none of them sound too impressed.

Which airline is it?

NotQuiteCockney Thu 03-Mar-05 19:48:47

I don't think most 5-month-olds can sit up without help, can they?

The BA one has a three-way-harness, from what I remember, so the kid is strapped in. Actually, I've only used BA ones, I think, so don't know about others.

Janh Thu 03-Mar-05 19:49:54

<<Before booking, call different airlines to find out exactly what they can offer. For babies under six months, airlines can generally supply a bassinet skycot to enable them to lie flat. Some airlines can supply nappies and food (some, can provide organic baby food if requested in advance).
*Try to book your seat in advance and request a cot (it's wise to ask for a written confirmation). Failing that, make you sure you arrive at the airport in good time so there's more chance of getting the best seats available. Ask for aisle seats or any with more leg room.

*If you're travelling as part of a package, tour operators will occasionally pre book seats for you. Check with individual operators what their policy is. JMC and VIRGIN offer this on many routes.

*Cots are available on some airlines. Virgin has sky cots for babies up to 12 months, British Airways and Britannia Airways have cots for babies up to 6 months. British Airways can also provide seats for under-2s on some of its long-haul flights (tel 0345 222111 for details)>>


MrsBigD Thu 03-Mar-05 19:55:32

we flew with Singapore Airlines to NZ and had one of these cloth rectanles that got clipped into the wall. had a big belt across. dd was 18 months and didnt actually sleep much as she preferred sitting in it... I think weight restriction was 9kg

tiredemma Thu 03-Mar-05 19:59:43

thanks ladies, i will relay the info to the customer x

Allyco Thu 03-Mar-05 20:05:55

we used ours as a bin. Anyone else done that? DD spent the fourteen hour flight inside my bra. The crew let me sit on their seats at the back though (this was BA)

eidsvold Fri 04-Mar-05 04:15:41

they depend on weight - it is like a cloth moses basket that secures to the wall with a wide band for securing babe in the basket - band zips together and a thin matress in the bott- from memory they can hold 14kg ( just check that). We have flown singapore airlines and that is what they are like.

dd still used one at almost 2 as she was so light and relatively small - slept in it a bit. ALso used it at 8 months when she slept soundly on both legs UK to Aus and back again.

jenkel Tue 29-Mar-05 00:31:27

Uncomfortable and more hassle than they are worth. Directly under the lights so no way that we could get DD off to sleep until they turned the lights down. And every time we hit turbulence we had to get her out and the air stewards came round to make sure we did. We then spent hours getting her back to sleep again.

Chandra Tue 29-Mar-05 02:07:38

American does the cloth ones but also the cardboard boxes (I thought the last ones were a make-do of the stewardess until I saw a little bear printed on the side...)

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