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Question about Disney World in Orlando: electric wheelchairs

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expatkat Wed 02-Mar-05 22:36:02

The zealous American grandparents have v. kindly invited us to Disney World. Unfortunately, my dad, who just had a hip replacement last year, now needs a knee replacement and finds walking v. difficult. I wonder if any of you Disney World veterans have noticed if they hire out electric wheelchair thingies (my mother describes them as sort of motorized carts) which are evidently quite popular in America. I've not been able to get that info from the website. My dad is NOT the sort of person who will agree to being pushed in a wheelchair, so it'd have to be something motorized or electric, or nothing at all. TIA

KateandtheGirls Wed 02-Mar-05 23:13:23

I've never noticed them I have to say, although I have never had a reason to look for them. Sorry.

miggy Wed 02-Mar-05 23:35:01

im almost certain they do-remember seeing lots the same and Im sure they had numbers on.
The good thing is that you would get to the front of the queues!
Have you tried emailing?

miggy Wed 02-Mar-05 23:37:39

look here they do but limited and cant book
scroll down

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