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which car - Mazda 5, Zafira, or something else??

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happynappies Thu 02-Oct-08 14:51:41

Baby #2 due in Feb, and I know strictly speaking we don't need a 7 seater, but we have a big pram, and have to cart so much stuff around with us (nappy bucket, tons of nappies etc) that with a second car seat on the back seat our Volkswagen Bora is no way going to be big enough, and no don't fancy a roof box! So - any thoughts on the Mazda 5? Or a Zafira? Pluses or minuses anyone please? Many thanks!

Leslaki Thu 02-Oct-08 20:06:35

Luv my Zafira - it's great cos the 2 extra seats fold under the back seats so you've got none of the faffing about putting seats in/out like some oher MPVs.

LittleMyDancingForJoy Thu 02-Oct-08 20:08:21

We've always had Mazdas and they are VERY reliable - always come top of the reliability tables. Also very well designed, nice looking cars, drive well.

I can heartily recommend them. We are about to buy a Mazda 3 (DC2 on the way too) and I'm very excited.

jellyshoeswithdiamonds Fri 03-Oct-08 11:15:22

My Volvo estate v70, size wise its never let me down and I don't believe in travelling light whether its on holiday or a daytrip.

cheesesarnie Fri 03-Oct-08 11:19:24

we have a Scenic so not 7 seater but plenty big enough for our family(2 aduls,3 children).

can i ask why youd need to cart nappy bucket at all times?and surely itd be cheaper to get smaller pram?sorry just wondered(not trying to be offensive)

cheesesarnie Fri 03-Oct-08 11:20:19

oh i didnt see it was in travel(sorry am dumb arse)

WendyWeber Fri 03-Oct-08 11:26:10

I have a Zafira & I love it smile (mine's a 6-yr-old diesel).

The Mazda does have sliding doors though, which always seems like a great idea for getting kids in & out.

cheesesarnie Fri 03-Oct-08 11:30:26

i really want a bongo.but too many seats for us.

happynappies Fri 03-Oct-08 21:25:57

cheese - obviously don't take bucket everywhere! I meant when we go away - whenever we go overnight anywhere the car is always rammed full. The pram is a sleepover so when baby is little will be sleeping in the carrycot base, so when we go away we'll need to take that, plus the wheels etc on top of all the stuff for us and dd.

cheesesarnie Fri 03-Oct-08 21:42:16

grin sorry i realised after i posted-i hadnt seen it was in travel-i half readgrin.i thought'i know i was into cloth when ds was younger but even i didnt carry nappy bucket everywhere !!

wohmum Fri 03-Oct-08 22:01:53

we've got a mazda 5 and its great - rear sliding doors are better than i expected and much easier to use than normal opening ones. We haven't used the rear 2 seats much , but as they fold away easily to free us boot space they're great to have as spares. we like the way teh 2 back seats can be seperate, or with a cubby hole between them .

there isn't much in the way of extra storage places and i thought it was odd that only one of the front seats has a storage net behind it (for Dcs to stick stuff in)

boot space is good but the parcel shelf comes over quite low (compared to our picasso). only a problem if you like to have all the stuff in the boot covered al the time.

we've got tinted windows in the back which are good - don't know if they are standard but good idea if you can.

good value, really enjoy ours.

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