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Isle Of Wight

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WestCountryLass Mon 28-Feb-05 21:31:09

Anyone been?

I have alwasy fancied going there but have no idea which areas are nice (they all look nice in the brochures/sites). Any suggestions?


Tommy Mon 28-Feb-05 21:40:37

It's all lovely! Haven't stayed there for a long time but my best friend lives there so we pop over for the day every so often.
It's also very small so you could go anywhere and be able to move around easily.
Tip - don't go in Cowes Week unless you're really into sailing

WestCountryLass Mon 28-Feb-05 21:50:42

Excellent! Do you know any nice hotels?

RTKangaMummy Mon 28-Feb-05 21:57:09

My Dad is from there been there 100's of times

Will get you details in a mo

Am on phone atm

stupidgirl Mon 28-Feb-05 22:00:39

My (late) Grandparents used to live there. My parents now have a holiday home there. We go down a couple of times a year (sometimes more). I love it. I would love to move there, actually.

stupidgirl Mon 28-Feb-05 22:00:39

My (late) Grandparents used to live there. My parents now have a holiday home there. We go down a couple of times a year (sometimes more). I love it. I would love to move there, actually.

stupidgirl Mon 28-Feb-05 22:01:02

Sorry, clicked twice.

RTKangaMummy Mon 28-Feb-05 22:05:38

I have just googled this

we stay in cottage now relatives have all died

stupidgirl Mon 28-Feb-05 22:10:59

Ventnor (is in RTKM's link) is lovely. Very steep though, not good if you're going to be pushing buggies up and down!!

RTKangaMummy Mon 28-Feb-05 22:16:15

yes sorry hadn't thought of that

The town is a bit run down though

My dad is from Shanklin {next one along}

really nice town centre with everthing you need

In the summer village gets very very busy

What is it you want from holiday?

RTKangaMummy Mon 28-Feb-05 22:17:51

stupid girl where is you parents cottage?

We tend to stay inland a bit

If you want cottages can give you details.

what size is family?

stupidgirl Mon 28-Feb-05 22:19:44

Everywhere gets very busy in the summer. Sandown's nice (next along from Shanklin). Long golden beaches, dinosaurs! Lol.

My grandparents were in Bembridge which is a lovely village.

RTKangaMummy Mon 28-Feb-05 22:25:32

Bembridge with the green

and the "ducks crossing" sign by the airport


Tommy Mon 28-Feb-05 22:27:13

this might help. I don't know any good hotels - always stay with my friend in Ryde!

stupidgirl Mon 28-Feb-05 22:32:27

No, it's St Helens with the green, (St Helens is lovely) Bembridge is a bit further on. Never noticed the ducks crossing sign! there is a windmill though...

WestCountryLass Mon 28-Feb-05 22:33:47

We are looking for a family holiday, maybe a holiday park or a relaxed hotel as we will have a 1 and nearly 4 year old to entertain. Was thinking of somewhere near Ryde but am open to suggestion as have never been.

stupidgirl Mon 28-Feb-05 22:38:54

There's a big holiday park with caravans at whitecliff bay. It has a 'private' beach (it's not actually private but only accessable on foot), but again it;s steep to get down onto the beach, but there's lots of facilities.

Think it's just called the whitecliff bay caravan park. There are several around there. Hang on a minute, I think I have a brochure somewhere...

stupidgirl Mon 28-Feb-05 22:40:32

Here, check out island breaks

stupidgirl Mon 28-Feb-05 22:42:09

B**r, it didn't work, let me

try again...

RTKangaMummy Mon 28-Feb-05 22:47:23

yes of course it is

The green with the pub on one side

The sign is on a corner next to airport

It was when we were children anyway

many many yonks ago

stupidgirl Mon 28-Feb-05 22:49:40

I will make a point of looking for the ducks sign next time we're down

WestCountryLass Mon 28-Feb-05 22:52:52

Think I may have found somewere, have you heard of Nodes Point?

RTKangaMummy Mon 28-Feb-05 22:56:19

IIRC as you go from South to north the road bends round to the left around the airport and it is there

Is there a pond on other side of the road?

DH has just said he remembers seeing it but can't remember where [men]

My great Aunt was from Seaview {near Ryde}

Anyway there is a holiday park there too over the road from beach,

There is a larger one called Flamingoes also in seaview.

RTKangaMummy Mon 28-Feb-05 22:58:24

just seen it

by St Helens

don't know that park though sorry

Frieda Mon 28-Feb-05 23:02:03

We had a fab holiday on the Isle of Wight last year. It's quite a small place so very easy to get about if you're taking a car. We stayed just outside Carisbrooke (pretty countryside and medieval castle) which is bang in the middle of the island, which gave us loads of options just a short drive away. Depends what kind of thing you like, as to which ones you would enjoy . We loved Robin Hill (country park with brilliant toboggan run, a couple of theme-park-type rides and lots of outdoor play sort of stuff). Sandown has a fab dinosaur museum (although I should imagine both Sandown and Shanklin get v busy in summer), Blackgang Chine is another theme park with a lot more rides, several zoos, little steam railway rides, nice family pubs all over and lovely Minghella's icecream...
The west of the island is a bit quieter and a bit more rural; there are loads of nice sandy beaches along the coast from Sandown to Ventnor (and probably further along, although we didn't explore. Carisbrooke was fairly quiet, but set in lovely gently rolling countryside – it was an ideal base for us.

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