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Florence - Ultimate place to stay for weekend?

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yeahyeah Sun 28-Sep-08 18:01:09

Have a potential weekend with my best friend in florence coming up...have been there once before but stayed somewhere cheap and nasty. Anyone stayed anywhere really special? Not super luxury - but small, interesting, something you wouldn't expect?

postLady Sun 28-Sep-08 23:11:06

dh and i stayed here a couple of years ago - not sure of the prices now but it was well priced and lovely rooms

yeahyeah Mon 29-Sep-08 10:08:14

thanks...but that link didn't work, do you have name?

postLady Thu 02-Oct-08 23:31:32

jobschmob Sun 05-Oct-08 21:13:56

I stayed here years ago

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