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Antwerp - Suggestions Please!

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OllieWollieWoo Sun 28-Sep-08 13:24:18

We are off to Antwerp for a girls day out soon so does anyone have any must sees or do's they would like to share? We'd like to do the whole shopping and long lazy lunch thing if that helps! TIA smile

ivykaty44 Sun 28-Sep-08 13:33:37

There is the most amazing waffle place in antwerp, the lady pours the mixture in to make the waffles as you order so they are light and delightful - thing is I havn't got a clue what the shop is called but It is in the expensive shops street and it is tiny with quite a few tables outside, inside is one lot of tables stretching to the back of the shop, opposite nearly is a really lovely duvet cover and sheets shop (you know the thing expensive designer sheets)

Perhpas someone else on here will know the expensisve shopping street - lots of chocolate and smelly make up shops and shooooes.

There are lots of places to eat around the cathederal and in the main square.

reikimarie Sat 01-Nov-08 17:39:43

don't forget to eat the chips, but then I am biased being half-Belgian! Sorry don't know name of waffle place I rarely go. Also if you find a lovely bakery you simply MUST try their 'swan' cakes, they have custard in the middle.

Not a dieter's break exactly! Enjoy!

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