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Taking pushchair on Ryanair - possible with online check-in?

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imaginewittynamehere Mon 22-Sep-08 11:29:02

Am flying this evening - blithely booked online check-in months ago - dd is 2 so qualifies. Ryanair website said you could take chair to gate. Now when checking in it says that those taking mobility equipment (including pushchairs) are prohibited from online check in..

So my question is how does it work - do you have to get it tagged at the check in desk & has anyone managed to take a pushchair using online check-in?

(BTW dd doesn't use the pushchair much so we could possibly do without it but we have a late flight back & will be doing more walking than normal so would be nice to have the option..

egypt Mon 22-Sep-08 11:34:26

well, we've checked in online with other airlines and still taken a pushchair. they basically tag it when you get to the gate, then you walk it to the door, they put it in the plane, then when you get off you wait outside the plane tunnel and they bring it off for you. don't see that check in has any relevance at all. just take it. they wont refuse you surely, once you are at the gate. dont even mention it at check-in!

heavenstobetsy Mon 22-Sep-08 11:47:50

You might get away with giving them the buggy at the gate - I've never really seen them check mine but then it does have a very visable check in luggage label attached to it from the check in desk. If you do try, I'd put your own very large luggage tag on it otherwise if it gets lost in the baggage hall you'll never get it back! despite what Ryanair say, I have never had my buggy back at the plane steps, it is always lumped on the carousel with all the bags...........

Given it's Ryan air, who are horible sticklers for the rules I think you might come unstuck TBH.

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