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Bedruthan Sands - lots of questions!!

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MissSunshine Sat 26-Feb-05 08:27:42

We are thinking of going end of March(have provisionally booked)have a son of 3.5

1) what are the kids clubs like?, giving the time we are going(in term)are they going to be empty?

2) what is the indoor swimming pool like,can you use at anytime - is there a childrens pool?

3) Whats the food like,relised that if you want to eat a la carte then you have to upgrade(pay £12 per person extra), we eat halal so will either have the vegetarian option or eat fish - do you think the normal menu will be o.k?

4) do we need to take travel iron and towels?

5)we don't drive(will be flying down)what is bedrutan like - is there much there?- any shops/restaurants?

6) we are hoping to get out for a few outings, Rick Stein, Zoo, Aquarium,Eden project - are they far from Bedruthan - I assume we would be better catchiing a taxi?

7) Dress for restaurant - is it smart formal,is shirt and skirt o.k?

lastly any tips to make great week,i wish we were going in the summer but it's so expensive

Thanks and sorry for all the questions


marbeth Sat 26-Feb-05 15:23:42

Hi miss sunshine.
been to bedruthan 4 times.Only in June and September.Kids clubs were always well used.If you are going end of March that will be Easter school holidays So I expect the hotel will be can use the indoor swimming pool anytime.There is also a very small paddling pool which our ds always enjoyed.If I remember there was always a vegetarian option on the dinner menu for main course and most nights salmon as a starter.There is a iron available from reception with ironing board.towels are provided but you may want some for swimming.There are some shops and a pub within walking distance beside beach.Nice national trust teashop at bedruthan steps which would just be walkable.The hotel is roughly 8 miles from padstow and 6 miles from Newquay.padstow nice for a day out with lots of Restaurants.Zoo in Newquay also very enjoyable.We found for dinner that some people werevery smart and others casual.Shirt and skirt would be fine.Certainly we have always had an enjoyable time.Now ds in school find it cheaper to go abroad thgan holidaying in Bedruthan.Hope this is helpful.Try and ask for a newly refurbished room as they are in the process of doing them up.Their sister hotel sands resort is just outside Newquay may be hadier without car.however I have holidayed in both and prefer Bedruthan.

Ameriscot2005 Sat 26-Feb-05 15:35:57

Do you mean Bedruthan Steps Hotel (same owner as Sands Hotel)?

We've been to BSH 6 times, but the last time was in 1998.

Kids clubs are well-organised and professional.

The indoor swimming pool is not particularly kid-friendly. It is a standard indoor pool, but it does have a small paddling area. They also have playpens to contain babies while you swim. Outdoors, there is a paddling pool and a kids' pool. The adult pool is freezing.

You don't need to bring an iron or towels, unless you want a towel for the beach. You'd have to borrow an iron from reception though.

The food is very nice. We never paid extra except for the occasional cooked breakfast. Don't know anything about Halal, but they do have a vegetarian option with each meal.

There's nothing by BSH. The nearest village (Mawgan Porth) is a couple of miles away. The nearest towns are Newquay and Padstow - not sure about buses, but the hotel is very happy to organise a taxi for you. But you don't have to leave the hotel if you don't want to.

In the restaurant, gentlemen wear ties (and they provide ties in case you forget to pack one!). Other than that, it is fairly casual. I would usually take 3 dresses (or skirt + top) for the week, and only wear them for dinner and the adult entertainment.

Have a great time there - we did!

MissSunshine Sat 26-Feb-05 18:01:13

Yes it is Steps not Sands

thanks for replies, i know they have upgraded a lot of the rooms will be interested to hear if anyone has been recently

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