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Comfortable clothes for long journeys ...

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Millie1 Fri 25-Feb-05 16:42:14

okay, maybe a dumb ? but am curious really ... we're off to Aus at end of April and already I'm thinking about what to dress everyone in for comfort and length of journey. In the past I've done jeans, chinos, leggings (ugh! when fashionable) but have yet to find the 'right' thing ... what do YOU wear?

You can tell it's Friday pm and I've little to do!!!

RudyDudy Fri 25-Feb-05 16:43:37

Loose fitting tracksuit trousers and layered tops - ie t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc as sometimes get hot / cold on planes.

Chuffed Fri 25-Feb-05 16:48:53

things that don't show up stains very easily and are comfortable.

dyzzidi Fri 25-Feb-05 16:50:11

I always wear a comfy pair of stretchy type bootleg jeans with a vest top with a loose shirt over the top so when I get there U take of the shirt and find the jeans & vest still look like new. Try to travel in flip flops but pack a pair of socks into handluggage as flights can be cold. I like to arrive looking semi decent as normally have either a relative or a car service waiting for me.

A few years ago I got upgraded with the service and a Limo picked me up!! it was great but was really glad I didn't look like I had slept in my clothes for a week when everyone was looking!!

gscrym Fri 25-Feb-05 17:20:15

I think it should be acceptable to travel and go to weddings in pyjamas and comfy slippers.

dyzzidi Fri 25-Feb-05 17:24:29

I would love to come to work in my slippers think I will email my Head office to suggest this

Millie1 Fri 25-Feb-05 18:37:44

Pyjamas ... imagine ... wouldn't it be sheer bliss! And to have a bath on the plane ... and a proper bed (or to fly first or bus class) .... dreaming now!

redsky Fri 25-Feb-05 18:54:16

I travel in trackies and soft comfy layers (plane can be hot/cold/just right) then change into clean undies, top clothes (jeans/t-shirt) for arrival. We usually land in Sydney en route to Melbourne so it's easier to use the facilities there than change on the plane. On dd's first visit to gps in Melbourne I had a really pretty outfit ready to change her into before arrival - and guess what - the only time she slept on the whole 24 hour journey was on the Sydney to Melb leg so she arrived in grubby, leggings and t shirt - uuuurrgghhh. (Not that gps minded of course!!) On the plane I take packs of wet wipe things to freshen up with - less hassle than wash bags, soap, flannels etc.

eidsvold Fri 25-Feb-05 21:15:00

when I have done uk to aus and return -

loose fitting trousers, comfortable slip on shoes ( remember feet can swell with travel) socks for on the plane, loose fitting t-shirt. Just before landing change into clean underwear ( amazing the difference that can make) and clean shirt - especially after travelling with children. I take a sweatshirt/tracksuit jacket to put on when it gets cool during the flight.

Deoderant wipes, toothbrush, hairbrush - makes a difference as well. Use the complimentary moisturiser to moisturise your face at regular intervals.

californiagirl Fri 25-Feb-05 21:56:54

The Australia thing is particularly hard because of the change in season. I do it at least once a year, and one year did Europe-New Zealand 4 times, so I have it down to a science. I wear elastic-waist linen trousers (they're a slubby kind that doesn't wrinkle badly, I have several pairs), and a girly cotton T-shirt, with a big button-front shirt over top (also good for nursing), and a cotton sweater. A spare T-shirt and top shirt fit well in my carry-on just in case. Used to always use a washable silk shirt for the button one (fits in no space, very comfy) but I'm not so sure about that with the baby.

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