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Heathrow, how far is terminal 3 from terminal 4?

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lizandlulu Thu 18-Sep-08 17:11:20

anyone know?

GordonTheGopher Thu 18-Sep-08 17:12:17

Well you can't walk it!

Helpful I know.

greenandpleasant Thu 18-Sep-08 17:12:55

erm - one tube stop apart. think there is a bus. if you want to know in miles I have no idea!

MrsSprat Thu 18-Sep-08 17:13:05

One stop on the tube or Heathrow express, I think.

DrNortherner Thu 18-Sep-08 17:13:38

Miles and miles (or so it felt like the day I was running between the 2!)

greenandpleasant Thu 18-Sep-08 17:16:37

see this link

lilolilmanchester Thu 18-Sep-08 17:18:05

Free shuttle train service between terminals - see here

lizandlulu Thu 18-Sep-08 18:18:25

ok, thanks, the travel agent said i could probably walk it!

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