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debbie102 Wed 17-Sep-08 11:11:53

due to move house next saturday and i was wondering if anyone had any advice . the house im moving to has gas and electric meters ive never had these before , i need to make sure that there gas and electric when i move in so im not without, who do i contact does anyone know please, ive rang britiush gas and there not very helpfull couldnt help me does anyone have any advice please.

Philpot Wed 17-Sep-08 11:21:10

This may be out of date advice, but for electric you need a company called MRASCO, you should be able to give them the address and they should be able to tell you the supplier. You can then call them and let them know when you are moving in, but they may want to take you on to supply you, sooooo, maybe just decide n your supplier and get them to register you from the date you move in. If the meter is disconnected it may take time to get it switched back on, but MRASCO should be able to tell you if it is disconnected or not and may be able to advise on how to sort it.
Gas will be Transco I think, they deal with leaks and stuff and look after meters on behalf of the suppliers. Again, I would decide who has the cheapest deal and approach them, they should be able to have everything 'on' by the time you move in.
Hope that helps, last resort maybe try Energywatch? Should have advise on their website. Oh, and make sure you take readings from both meters on the day you move in!
Another thought - as you are not actually there to take the meter serial numbers you might want to confirm your suppliers have registered the correct ones - when I worked in that industry there was a huge problem with registering the upstairs flat or the neighbour by mistake.

debbie102 Wed 17-Sep-08 12:09:31

thanks so much im getting onto it now xxx

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