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Anyone been to Tenerife Princess in Los Americas?

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wilbur Thu 24-Feb-05 16:35:01

We're desparate for a sunny Easter holiday and have found some availability in the Tenerife Princess hotel through Thompson. Anyone been there? Or know anything about the resort? I think Los Americas is one of the noisier areas, but apparently this hotel is in the quieter, nicer bit. I've never been to the Canaries before so haven't got a clue, I just want to avoid the "'ere we go" bits, IYKWIM.

clairebear2502 Thu 24-Feb-05 16:38:51

Hi i went there about ten years ago and was quite young so i dont remember much. i think it was quite nice. it had a nice pool and the entertainment was good but obv alot can change in ten years but usually for the better!!

hope this helps in a very vague distant sort of way

littlemissbossy Thu 24-Feb-05 16:41:56

I stayed there once, years ago, but it was v. nice. Have you had a look on the trip advisor website ? just type in the hotel in the search and you should (hopefully) find recent reviews HTH

jessicasmummy Thu 24-Feb-05 16:43:53

it aint quiet and it aint nice!!! sorry to disilusion you, but after many a trip to tenerife with my ex (his dad lives out there and has a bar) i know los americas can be a bit rough. i would try los christianos if you can get anything there - much quieter and more family orientated.

marbeth Thu 24-Feb-05 16:50:02

Have you tried lanzarote.We of to the Rubicon Palace in playa Blanca at Easter.Been before and very family orientated.

iota Thu 24-Feb-05 16:58:55

we stayed in the Tenerife Princess a couple of years ago and it was fine - we had a huge room - sort of 3 in 1 with 1 double room , 1 twin room and a sitting room. The food is very good - HUGE selection of buffet meals and chefs cooking hot food.

Parts of Playa de las Americas are noisy but lots of it is lovely - there are a lot of luxury hotels there. We has no problem

iota Thu 24-Feb-05 17:14:49

take a look at the reviews for the Tenerife Princess on this website holidays uncovered

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