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Majorca in May .. any recommendations?

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kando Thu 24-Feb-05 16:25:26

We are thinking of booking a holiday in Majorca in May (not during half term though). DDs are 4 and 2. Would like accommodation near a sandy beach, but the main thing is a hotel with a kids club. Can anyone recommend such a place?

hermykne Thu 24-Feb-05 16:28:24

kando dont go the 1st week in may as the weather can be very dodgy then, i have been there a couple of times at that time and its really better after the 15th.

probably the norht or norht east of the island soller or pollensa for beaches, and families, the southeast is a bit bland regarding site seeing but does have sandy ish beaches

i dont know any hotels personally sorry.

but check out palma city whilst youre there too.

Goldfish Thu 24-Feb-05 19:58:48

We went to the Ciudad Blanca in Alcudia and it was lovely. It is an Iberostar hotel so has good facilities including a childrens club.
It is situated right on the beach and near all the restaurants and it is now doing all inclusive as well as self catering. I would highly recommend it.
Alcudia has a beautiful white sandy beach, lovely for you and the kids. We had a one bedroom apartment there so you have plenty of room.

KathH Fri 25-Feb-05 13:20:20

alcudia - we went first 2 weeks in may 4 yrs ago and it chucked it down 1 day but rest of fortnight it was baking.

Ellen23 Sat 26-Feb-05 12:46:51

Bouganvilla Park great a little village all in itself. Loads to do for kids, choice of 5 pools, loads of entertainment all day & night. Great kids club, playground and a free train provided by the hotel takew you into the main town of Sa Coma. Great food great staff. Only thing we went in May and it was cold only got 2 days of sunshine.

Michaelangelo Sat 26-Feb-05 13:31:59

I would alos say Bouganiville park is a good choice. I have also stayed in Polensa although in a villa and its lovely there lots of beach and family friendly restaurants.

MMMummu Wed 09-Mar-05 16:07:43

Mallorca in May Alcudia is a great place, families and singletons.
There are alot of things to do and within a short driving distants of more things anyone could actually do!
I use for Mallorca hotels and reataurant info and they have the English Newspapers.
Really it depends on your family how old and how many??
Save some money book direct with the hotel or hostals there is a fantastic hostel on the beach in a nature reserve Mondrago near Santanyi village is just down the road and so is cala D'or.or pretty hotel in Cala D'or I do not remember the name but the web pages are on a site in village order or district order?? somethinglike that,i just posted the address about Mallorca, I fell in love with so many as they were just perfect! dream holiday hotels.
The perfect thing is it that you can contact the hotels direct,some will tell you they are booked to a travel agents in Sweden or some where but there are so many to choose from and then you are in control.Saving money getting a hotel you were in before or could never find in the agents in the high street.
Agro-tourism getting big in Mallorca by the amount of old Mansion and cottages renting rooms i saw on the site.

Do you know a better one??

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