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Anyone flown Aegean Airlines with buggy and/or car seat??

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SweetApril Mon 15-Sep-08 21:54:07

Sorry, posting like mad tonight. Had flight cancelled due to XL collapse and madly arranging alternative with Aegean Airlines. Trouble is we are struggling to get the Greek staff to understand our questions about baggage allowance re buggy and car seat. We are allowed ONE piece of hold luggage per person (2 adults and 1 baby). LO can have 10kg in the hold (very generous) but we can't work out if this includes the buggy or not. I think not but you never know... Also, we have to take a car seat and don't know if we would be allowed to take a piece of luggage plus the car seat for LO if it only came to 10kg in total. They seem very strict on the one item per person.
Does this make sense?! Anyone an Aegean expert? Thanks!

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