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SEVILLE - child-friendly genuine flamenco

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katface Sat 13-Sep-08 19:46:20

Praying that Ryanair won't go bust before or after our holiday to Seville in October, could someone please recommend the real stuff where children are welcome ?

I know Spaniards are more child-frienldy than us Brits, but have you been to a Flamenco performance that wasn't too late at night ?

DS is 4, we can probably keep him awake or half-awake until around 10 pm.

We are staying in a flat bang in the middle of Seville.

Would love to see the genuine stuff, rather than the tourist stuff.

I am told if it is with dinner it becomes really expensive, so would prefer one where we only have to buy drinks.

JFly Mon 15-Sep-08 12:54:43

We went to Seville Easter of last year and saw a very good flamenco at Casa Carmen. I'm not sure if it's totally traditional, as we didn't see any other flamenco, but it was very enjoyable and not at all touristy. There were children there and even a baby or two. We just had drinks but you could order some snacks/tapas from the bar, too. It was a nice stylish venue, although nothing much around it in terms of other things to do.

Check with them about times, b/c I'm sure we went to an earlier show (maybe 7:30 or so?) but the website lists a 9pm start.

katface Mon 15-Sep-08 17:12:46

Jfly - thanks. Sounds good will check it out. Yeh, I think my son will enjoy it as long as he doesn't fall asleep. I think I will take him in the pushchair in case he is too tired and he can have a nap : )

Did you get a chance to go to the the Donana Nature Reserve ? I was reading about it last night. There is so much I want to do, but so little time ! We will be there for 6 days, so hopefully can visit Cordoba, Donana, watch flamenco and everything else. The best flamenco I have seen so far was in London : ) a very good Spanish group, can't remember what they were called.

JFly Tue 16-Sep-08 10:03:43

I think a few of the babes did snooze through at some point. Amazing with all the stomping!

We were only in Seville for three days, so didn't really leave the city. With it being Easter, there were so many activities and festivals going on, it was buzzing. I would love to go back, though, and see Granada as it's supposed to be a beautiful city.

katface Tue 16-Sep-08 14:15:48

JFly - Granada is fab. The Alhambra is amasing. One piece of advice, get tickets for Alhambra well before (online if you can). I tried to get them online, but they were sold out. So when we got there I had to get up 7 am one morning, walk up a very steep hill, and then queue for another 2 hours to get our tickets !! It was worth the wait though !!

I love all the Arab/Islamic architecture in that region, I have a special interest in Islamic art, which is why we are doing Seville and Cordoba this time. There is fast train between Seville, Cordoba and Madrid.

We went to Granada in May 07, it was 35 degrees every day and it was only May !! Knowing that I decided to go to Seville in Oct, as during the summer it is anything from 30 - 40 degrees, not great for kids.

My son felt very uncomfortable in the heat in Granada. April and May are also good. Sept. Oct. should be fab too : )

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