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October Half Term- Disneyland Paris....when should I book?

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I have decided today that part of my soon-to-arrive redundancy money should be spent on taking DD, DP and the baby to Disneyland. Obviously this trip is for DD's benefit. I'd personally prefer Thailand smile.

What I would like to know is :-

Should I book asap or wait till there are more last minute deals?

And should I use Eurostar or Lastminute or something else so that I can get a bargain?


PrimulaVeris Thu 11-Sep-08 09:59:54

As it's peak holiday time I guess special deals may not be available

We did it at Oct once - though a bit wet & chilly the halloween stuff was brilliant

Yes, it's the Halloween aspect I'm thinking of. But now I'm also thinking Christmastime might be lovely, at least, those horrible days between Christmas and New Year.
Expedia seem to have some good deals. Might look into December. Oh, the indecision smile

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