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Bath - Where to stay?

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bluesky Wed 23-Feb-05 12:39:07

I know there are several mumsnetters in and around Bath, can any of you recommend a good hotel/B&B which has family rooms?

We want to visit Bath in April, mainly to see the Roman Baths. Anything else to be recommended? Places to eat etc.

Many thanks

EmilyD Wed 23-Feb-05 15:39:38

see here

for things in and around area of Bath

mrsflowerpot Wed 23-Feb-05 15:42:21

How old are your children?

There are loads of b&bs in Bath, wouldn't know where to start recommending. There's also a Travelodge right in the centre which are usually pretty cheap and don't they usually sleep 2+2? Correct me if I'm wrong.

Lovely family friendly restaurant is the Walrus and Carpenter on Sawclose (just up from the theatre), home made burgers, pasta, good veggie option and they are fab with kids.

There was a thread recently about things to do in Bath, will see if I can find it.

beachyhead Wed 23-Feb-05 15:44:05

My brother lives there and if you have a car, stay at Tog Hill House Farm - up on a hill north of Bath (10 mins by car) (Just off A46?) in a farm setting with a few animals/horses around. Good family rooms with mini kitchen etc. We stay in Rm 8 (low beams to hit your head on, but a breakfast bar and a microwave). Its good cos its out in the country, but close enough to Bath to do the sights. Lovely views of the Downs.... Number is 01225 891261.

mrsflowerpot Wed 23-Feb-05 15:47:04

Oh yes, beachyhead, that always looks lovely (we drive past on our way in to Bath). Good to know it's as nice as it looks as I can recommend it to people/send the ILs there now. It's also really close to the park and ride, so you won't need to bother taking the car in to town if you don't want to (and if you're going in the Easter holidays you might be glad of that).

Am completely failing to find the other thread, am useless, but will keep looking!

bluesky Wed 23-Feb-05 15:49:45

thankyou everyone, what a great start! I have 2 children, 10 and 5.

mrsflowerpot Wed 23-Feb-05 15:52:24

Hurrah, found the other thread .

beachyhead Wed 23-Feb-05 15:52:43

Oh and Tog Hill has a garden with a swing and it seems safe enough to let them roam around on their own........ well, we do....

bluesky Wed 23-Feb-05 17:13:19

well done Mrsflowerpot!! I will come back and read that later.

bluesky Wed 23-Feb-05 20:42:17

Having read the old thread, Victoria Park sounds a great place and I like the open top bus idea. Tog Hill looks really nice, sounds like it is very close to Bath, and yet we won't have to pay city hotel prices. I see on the website they have converted the attic into two rooms, that can be opened up to a family suite, that sounds really good.

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