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anyone any good at booking bargains?

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hollyandnoah Wed 10-Sep-08 13:57:41

I want 3 adults ( 23, 22, 20 at time of travel)
and 2 children ( 2 and <1 at time of travel)

to travel from Glasgow/Edinburgh to paris

For 3 or 4 nights in december.

We would love to stay in a disneyland hotel. but we dont want to be at disneyland everyday. we want to see paris too.
So i am stuck at what would be best, a disneyland hotel or just one in paris..

Anyone any good at these things?
I usually get xp to do it all for me as he is a travel agent, but he isn't around to ask.

Our quote of £850 for the Disney's Hotel Santa Fe from 17th Dec for 3 nights, b&b is no longer available. crap!

Does anyone know any good websites or anything i can look at and book from?

LIZS Wed 10-Sep-08 15:07:46

We booked via Expedia, staying in Bussy St Georges at Best Western, or try Initially we tried to get into the Adagio Aparthotel but dates didn't work out. Bussy St Georges is one stop further from Disney than Val D'Europe (7 mins by train to Disney, 35-ish into central Paris)

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