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Have you used a toddler seat on Easyjet? Which one?

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Prupru Wed 10-Sep-08 11:54:20

Am pulling my hair out! We've booked a seat for my 16 month old (she's heavy and wriggly - no way can I have her on my lap for 3 hours!), but Easyjets regulations require a forward facing, rigid framed car seat of no more than 42cm in width. They do not exist!

I have tried explaining the situation to Easyjet, but the useless call centre staff just tell me what's already on the website.

People must have done it, so what did they get away with?

I need to know some suitable makes and models so I can at least have a chance of getting something before we leave next tuesday!

They say that car seats can go in the hold for free, so presumably we can check ours in if we can't find one that fits, and have DD on our laps for take-off and landing and sneak her into the spare seat during the flight when the stewards aren't looking!

Gahhhh I hate, hate, hate Easyjet. Saving up for a camper van as we speak...

Thanks in advance for any advice

mamadiva Wed 10-Sep-08 12:16:17

My mum flew easyjet with her twins last year when they were 1.5YO she took the Mamas and Papas Teko car seat o board.

But I will say it is not easy with them! They told her on the phone it was fine to do this, she got to the airport and they refused to let her on with the carseat hmm, she then had to wait until the next day because they wouldn't let her on without a car seat LOL hmm.

So in the end she had to book another flight and got on the plane the next day after a lot of arguing over what she was told on the phone.

They have still refused to give her a refund on the flight that they made her miss.

Prupru Wed 10-Sep-08 12:23:34

Wow. She should pursue them through the small claims court.

I really mean it! Claims made in the small claims court don't cost much for the claimant to submit, but cost the defendant thousands to defend. It might galvanise Easyjet into paying up without having to go to court.

Or she could contact the consumer pages of newspapers - this sort of behaviour by airlines should not be allowed to continue.

Thanks for the message -good to know, though now I am even more stressed about the trip!!

Anyone else had experience of Easyjet and toddler seats?

nicky111 Wed 10-Sep-08 12:27:56

Could you hold her on your lap with one of the orange seat belts while the seatbelt sign is on and then plonk her in seat beside you as soon as the sign goes off? How long is your flight?

Prupru Wed 10-Sep-08 12:38:11

Yes, that's the alternative. The flight is 2 hours and 50 mintues - not really long, but long enough.

I'm just worried that if I check the car seat in and agree to have her on my lap, Easyjet will say I can't have the baggage allowance for the extra seat we've booked. I know it's illogical, but airlines are **s!

That was another reason to book DD a seat - so she could have a baggage allowance of her own (we're taking a backpack for hikes, as well as toys and books for her)

nicky111 Wed 10-Sep-08 13:01:31

Yes I regularly fly easyjet and find the sheer randomness of their rules and regulations hard to deal with. I don't think car seats (like buggies) are usually treated as part of the baggage allowance - but who knows eh? The check in attendant might be having a bad day.... Will you be using the car seat at your destination? Could you just leave it behind and borrow one when you are over there? Car hire companies have them etc

Sorry not much help. you have my sympathy tho.

FlamingGalah Sat 20-Sep-08 13:09:37

Ive just done a 2 hour flight to Spain last weekend. We were able to check in our BabyDan Travel cot free of charge and they we took the maclaren techno (with buggy bag) all the way to the gate. All items then came out on the normal carousel. My DD is 17 months and DH and I took turns entertaining her with snacks, books and walks along the aisle. It helped as our flight wasnt full so we had 3 seats. Hope your flight isnt too full and good luck!

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