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ann koska/ sally king casting agency

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youcantlabelme Sun 07-Sep-08 18:44:33

not too sure where this should go, so may not get a response, but here goes...

does any one have knowledge or an opinion of this children's casting agency.

i met her (ann koska) the other day, and she seemed keen to take my son on with the promise of some acting work.

i don't know if she is reputable as there doesn't seem too much info about her company on google, although she told me her offices are based at the pinewood studios.

AttilaTheMeerkat Mon 08-Sep-08 07:06:37

Does your son have any acting experience?. How were you approached?.

I would be extremely cautious particularly if money is being asked for up front. So many people end up conned. You could easily hand over a load of cash for nothing in return. Her offices being based at Pinewood Studios does not mean necessarily mean anything.

I would also contact Trading Standards to see if they hold any information on them.

Certainly do not sign any contract presented to you before going over it with a Solicitor with a fine tooth comb.

zoeheller Mon 08-Sep-08 15:08:35

My Children have been with the agency for the last five years.

They have had lots of great work and experiences.

My son has had two jobs from them in the last two weeks one for Holby City and the other for a new BBC series.

Ann never posts children's pictures on the internet that is possibly why you can't find out much about them.

Their offices are at Pinewood.

If you wish to know any more you can pm me.

perfumelady Fri 12-Sep-08 23:42:35

my two daughters have been with them for two years, they between them have done well over 20 jobs. they are a very respected and a reputable company and do get lots of film, tv and commercials. you will get a call a couple of weeks before the filming but you don't get your call time until the afternoon before filming. you can not take the money into account you must look at the money as a bonus because the days are long and the pay doesn't match but the jobs are high profile and the experiance is price less and they do get to meet so many famous actors and actresses my youngest got to spend all day with emma watson on ballet shoes which beleive it or not meant more to her than filming with johny depp shock

perfumelady Fri 12-Sep-08 23:48:44

forgot to say ann really doesn't like the idea of the children being on the internet which is probably why they don't have a website plus they don't need to advertise because they get plenty of clients just from word of mouth. rest assured that they are real. just be prepared for last minutes time calls and very very long days. i wouldn't recommend it if you live miles away from pinewood cause some call times are as early as 7.00am with them sometimes arriving back at 7pm not good if you have a 3 hour drive there and back!!!!

youcantlabelme Sun 14-Sep-08 12:04:42

thanks for replies everyone.

i may email her and take it from there.

what are the fees like and would we have to arrange photos etc before being taken on?

oh, and is it just extra work or are there speaking parts too up for grabs (assuming child is suitable)?

kidk Sat 27-Sep-08 08:23:51

Can someone please provide email details for Ann Koska. Thanks.

musicalgenes Sat 01-Nov-08 00:53:08

Hi all,


I have to decide this week whether to switch my son (11) from Redroofs to Ann Koska/Sally King.
In 2 years he's had 2 paid jobs from Redroofs and another 2 he didn;t get.

He acts well, sings well, dances well (e.g. disctinction musical theatre exam) and he has a distinctive look.

It's difficult to know without getting any info on them. We are on South Coast though - 2 hours away.

Any ideas how I can find out more ?

CescAx Fri 14-Nov-08 17:15:43


Im not a mother but i am a girl who is 18 years old and very much into acting and really want to become an actress. Ive done a 2 year Btec in Performing Arts which i came out with very high grades, Triple Distinction. Everyone keeps on telling me the next step is to find a agent but thats more harder then it sounds. I work in the new white city shopping centre and a really nice and friendly women came into my store who i connected with straght away and she was talking about her two daughtes and how they also want to be actress's and they have done some tv and films and there agent is Ann Koska and also Sally King. Ive done some research but i coundnt find alot about them and im not sure on how i contact Ann Kosha and what do i say to her and how do i go about getting her as my agent and getting me into this business.. Can anyone help me out??

Thank you.

Star1999 Mon 01-Jun-09 19:56:01

My children are both with Ann Koska and Sally King. It's a reliable, reputable agency but only has children up to 18 I think. My children have both had great jobs, but they have had to be at Pinewood for 5.30 AM, collected again at 7pm - so if you live a long way away, then think very carefully! One of my children was on a film for two weeks - every day at Pinewood for 5.30 AM - it was good experience but very disruptive to family life. They've also missed quite a bit of school (not that they mind ...) Very nice, professional ladies. It's a good agency.

azucena1 Fri 07-Nov-14 19:53:35

hi, my daughter was with the agency for a year, and was not offered any jobs during this time. what are everyone elses experiences with the agency like?

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