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Haven Holiday parks in Wales

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zaphod Tue 22-Feb-05 09:40:29

We are thinking of taking the family to Presthaven Sands in Wales, and staying in a mobile home. Children range from 10 years to nearly 2. Has anyone any experience of Haven holidays? This will be our first family holiday outside of Ireland, so I want the children to really enjoy it. I need to book it before the 28th to get their bargain price.

zaphod Tue 22-Feb-05 21:21:11


kizzy212 Wed 23-Feb-05 15:57:30

hi, we have just took a bargin price with haven holiday in lincolnshire. i have been on a haven holiday before and the family have really enjoyed themselves. if you have a car then i would say always do a bit of traveling eg. for resturants as the haven resturants can be quite expensive as in value for money. havent stayed at the park myself, but have been on holiday there. hope you have good time!!!!!

zaphod Thu 24-Feb-05 23:20:48

Thanks, Kizzy, anyone else?

Zeldagirl Mon 21-Mar-05 19:34:54


We have been to Presthaven sands a couple of times and really liked it there.

It has a big indoor soft play area for the kids and the swimming pool is good too. My fave is the fact that the family cabaret room is non-smoking, at least is was when we went.

My only complaint was that it is not easy to find the reception or to know where you check-in but once you have been it is easy. We stayed in a silver chalet and a bronze 3 bed caravan and both were immaculate.

It is close to the beach as well.


tigi Mon 21-Mar-05 20:04:21

we stayed at hafan y mor last oct. I agree with Zeldagirl that we couldnt find anything when we arrived, all the cafes were closed, pool closed for lunch, and no directions for reception. Caravan waS nice (cold in october). swim water was cold (a problem with it), But great pool. We went out and about every day, using it as a base. The children joined in cricket one day which they enjoyed. Play areas were good. Evening entertainment in the large hall place was good - get your seat early, but the floor was very sticky/grubby, and toilets nasty in there- so make sure you 'go' in the caravan first! We enjoyed the break

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