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I know it's been done before but BMI and buggy advice please!

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EyeballsintheSky Tue 02-Sep-08 23:19:55

Off to Ireland with 7.5mo DD this week. We are apparently allowed to take a buggy to the gate but I don't know if there is any restriction on the size of buggy. I want to take my iCandy Apple which folds down but is pretty heavy (about 12-13kg I think).

Have got a Techno I can take but DD is far happier in the Apple and I still use it with the car seat, which is also going. Has anyone taken travel systems on planes and been able to take them to the gate?


TheRealMrsJohnSimm Wed 03-Sep-08 22:54:15

We took a Britax travel system to the gate but that was 8 years ago idea if that would still be okay but I cannot imagine why they would change it. However, I have noticed other parents with pretty hefty looking pushchairs at the gates recently.

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