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Can't drive, advice on bikes needed

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onefunkymama Sun 31-Aug-08 20:20:46


I can't drive my kids to school, I have one 5 who can nearly ride a bike and another 4 who is some way off riding a bike. Has anyone used one of the kids bike things that clip onto the back of an adult bike (a single wheel thingy with pedals) I was wondering whether they make the bike unstable (don't trust youngest not to muck about.) I think bike seats and trailers are too small for my kids. Any other suggestions welcome.


Takver Mon 01-Sep-08 15:18:24

Hi funkymama, have a search back for 'tagalong', there are loads of threads on them. I've used single and double versions, both are good. Double ones are pricey (google pashley U+2 & you will see what i mean) unless you can get 2nd hand.
For either sort if you can afford it or can find 2nd hand I would go for one that attaches to bike rack rather than seat post as they are definitely more stable.

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