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Does anyone do / has anyone done both keycamp type holidays and european hotel type hols?

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auntyquated Sun 31-Aug-08 11:15:01

Not togther grin

what would you consider to be the advanatges/disadvanatges of each?

auntyquated Sun 31-Aug-08 13:17:02


Leslaki Sun 31-Aug-08 21:32:44

Hotel types hols have their advantages in that you don't have to take your own bedding/make your bed and you may get a maid.
May have less distance to walk to pool but then will prob get noise from disco/entertainment


Your kids have only a balcony to play on
You are above/below other holiday makeres who may or may not have loud n noisy kids/they may be 18/30 types!
You don't get your own space
Not so chep n easy to socialise as it is on own pitch (with BBQ) drinking cut price booze from supermarket - you will have to socialise at mini disco drinking drinks from bar.
Everyone outside mobiles will talk to you unless you are situated next to weirdos which could happen anywhere!!!
You can eat/drink /whatever at any time you like and if your kids are up at 6am you can give them brekkie in front of a dvd while you go back to bed.

basically with kids I'd go for the camping option but without kids I would go for hotel!!!

auntyquated Mon 01-Sep-08 20:05:32


we ahve always done keycamp type but have been looking at a hotel tyoe for next year but

the pools seem a lot smaller
the hotels are bigger (have more rooms) than the campsites (that we stay on ) have pitches.
unless we paid a lot more we would all be in one room
the kids would be on either sofa beds or camp beds not in proper beds as they are in her a mobile home

the only advanatge that i can currently see is that we would be a 2-4 hour flight away from home instead of a 2/3 day drive. hmm

unless someone knows something i don't???

Portofino Mon 01-Sep-08 20:22:46

I've done both but must admit I prefer self catering with dd. Even a basic kitchen means you can make a cup of tea or knock up some pasta. It's possible to still do a Keycamp type holiday and still fly. Most of the sites rent bedding etc.

We went to Union Lido nr Venica a couple of years ago and it was excellent. In 3 weeks we're off to St Tropez to stay in a thatched hut on the beach. Both times we booked flights. For Union Lido I booked a transfer and a car wasn't necessary. This time we've hired a car for a week.

I'd do a hotel only if I could afford a suite so even if dd has to sleep in the same room, you've got somewhere to sit up.. On the continent they do have lots of places where you can still get an apartment but with hotel service

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