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Anyone been to Capri with toddlers?

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jennifersofia Fri 18-Feb-05 23:14:47

Are the beaches appropriate, is there enough to do - or will it just be us dragging children (2 and 4) around in hot sun to places they aren't that interested in?

MeerkatsUnite Sat 19-Feb-05 07:15:17

I went to Capri a few years ago. Personally speaking only I would not take the children to Capri - there's not much there for them to do and the island itself is very hilly to get around on.

jennifersofia Sat 19-Feb-05 23:07:08

Hmmm thanks for that - was what I was wondering. Guess we will have to have a rethink. Anyone else?

SofiaAmes Sat 19-Feb-05 23:19:17

I was taken to capri annually as a child (my mother is italian). She says that it really isn't great for young children (ie ones who can't swim on their own). Instead we go with our 2 (2 and 4) to Sperlonga which is on the med coast about 45 min. north of naples and is absolutely lovely. The difference is that it has sand beaches and very shallow water. Because capri is an island it doesn't have much in the way of beaches (mostly just very sharp lava rock) and it's very deep very quickly.

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