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long-life milk instead of fresh milk?

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marmitemad Fri 22-Aug-08 18:42:25

does anyone know if it is ok to give
long-life cows milk to children instead of fresh milk?

we are going to menorca next week and staying with friends who live there. dd (18months) still has 2 bottles a day + milk in breakfast cereal so I asked if they could get some in for us but they normally buy long-life as fresh only lasts a day.

I assume there is a taste difference which we might find challenging but wondered if there is any other difference?

lemur Fri 22-Aug-08 21:15:34

We discovered the long life milk thing on holiday in Corsica - arrived on a Sunday - no fresh milk anywhere. I have no idea whether it is worse for kids or not but my DD said "yummy, cold hot choccy" when I gave it to her, so from that, I guess it does taste different!

In France and Switzerland there is definitely more drinking of long life milk than fresh milk, based on supermarket shelf space (and my experiences of living there for long periods)...

Perhaps the fact that the fresh milk only lasts a day is not a problem in drinking terms but more a shopping issue?

Jojay Fri 22-Aug-08 21:24:07

We gave 18 month old DS long life milk in Lanzarote this year after inadvertantly giving him gone off milk by mistake.

He was fine with it, and they're right, in very hot climates it's really hard to keep milk fresh. The stuff we gave DS by mistake had been bought that day and gone straight into the fridge, but it was still off.

puffling Sat 23-Aug-08 00:16:08

I despise long life milk but toddler dd had no problem with it in Spain. If anything she liked it more. Does it taste more sugary than fresh milk does?

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