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Is it cheaper to do a DIY holiday abroad?

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Pokerface Thu 21-Aug-08 09:54:56

long time lurker here. I am a single mum with 4 children and want to take them to the Baleriacs in October either Minorca or Majorca. I want to book a villa with a pool. Is it cheaper to book everything separately or to go with an agent? How would I arrange flights and transfers etc? Thank you.

LIZS Thu 21-Aug-08 10:00:51

You can sometimes book a charter flight with transfer (ie with Thomas Cook)but your own accommodation or arrange a taxi (we've doen that in Majorca) or hire a car. If you book the accommodation direct you more often get charged by the room/apartment/villa and avoid some of the under occupancy supplements. Look at budget airlines or a site like Expedia which searches various airlines for you. However if you book separately remember you aren't as well covered by ATOL if you get delayed or the airline goes bust and you can't get to the accommodation you have paid for whereas you would be if they were part of the same package.

bagsforlife Thu 21-Aug-08 11:54:46

Yes, I am sure it is cheaper. Look up private villa rental on google and a whole load will come up. You can then book flights with Easyjet or whatever (make sure the flights available before confirming villa booking! sorry to state obvious but have nearly booked villa before without checking flights/days of villa swop-overs etc). Taxi from airport. We have done this lots of times. I think the only problem could be as the previous poster says if the airline goes bust or whatever, but we have done these sorts of holidays for about 20 years and have NEVER had any problems. The villa owners usually send loads of info and you can speak to them on phone or email, usually they are very helpful and kind, better help than on a package tour with some 'rep' who knows nothing about the local area etc. Good luck.

bagsforlife Thu 21-Aug-08 11:56:10

Also you hire the property, not per person, and this always seems to work out cheaper.

Pokerface Thu 21-Aug-08 12:08:32

thank you

DrGeorge Sun 24-Aug-08 12:55:06

Have used the website Holidaylets for cottages in France now for several years and never been disappointed. We always DIY our hols and had 2 weeks in France this year in high quality cottages for 4 for <£800 including ferry etc. You do take slightly more of a risk than booking a package as you don't have the ABTA etc guarantees but as I say we haven't had a problem so far and I know plenty of people who havent' been that happy with packages.

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