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TRAVEL INSURANCE - Well done Direct Line

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crunchie Wed 16-Feb-05 11:24:16

I just wanted to tel everyone about some good news which came out of our disasterous Skiing holiday. My dh fell and broke his shoulder, and we had to pay out about £200 in medical bills. They didn't like the E111. He also broke our video camera in the fall.

When we came back we called Direct Line and explained, he has already recieved a cheque for £181 (bills less excess) for the medical bills (less than 3 weeks after we got home. And they have agreed to replace the video camera free of charge. We are ending up with a better model as ours was 2 yrs old and they are giving us a new one!!

I have to say Direct Line cost just £100 for annual European Family cover and they have been so good/quick at processing our claim.

ALmost makes up for not talking to the MIL since the holiday.

jessicasmummy Wed 16-Feb-05 11:25:18

At least someone had a good experiance with Direct Line for travel insurance!!! Dont want to hijack, but you would be disgusted with what happened to my dad.....

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