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Where shall we go?

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1legmummy Mon 18-Aug-08 15:46:20

We have had a shit year so far, our builder ran off with £62,000.00 in January leaving us with no home. We had to get mortgage to cover cost of re-build

Arson attack in February.

Complaint from neighbour in March - nearly meant everything had to be pulled down.

We paid a builder to do alot of what needed to be done, but my Dad has done alot of the work until yesterday. He fell from a ladder and is in hospital waiting to have it pinned.

I am now raising more funds from the mortgage to pay someone to do it.

Am I wrong to say what the hell - lets get away?? Anyone got any ideas? thought we could go in January so we could have something to look forward to.

lingle Mon 18-Aug-08 22:26:07

Do it. Run away. It works.

Suggest the cheapest possible day for an easyjet/ryanair flight in September (I don't think you can wait till Jan).

DH and I once ran away on a day's notice from Stansted to Pisa. 3 days with a view of the tower with that colour and ambience and liveliness and street food and the problems seemed so far away. We coped much better on our return.

Maybe avoid Maldives-style beach holiday or anywhere where you lie on a beach and have too much time to think.

If you must wait till Jan. that's good for Venice I think.

Leave mobile at home if poss.

1legmummy Tue 19-Aug-08 01:10:48

Forgot to say - two kids one 9 and one 1 year.

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