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Oh....poop.....I have a little problem

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KatyMac Thu 14-Aug-08 18:41:15

I'm going to Haven at Mablethorpe

I am packing lots of food from the house as we are broke

I was intending to take my spare Tesco vouchers along so I could buy whatever food we need while we are away at Tescos

Only it's about 15 miles away

Oh damn

Never mind

phoebebouffet Wed 20-Aug-08 23:43:07

Have a lovely time anyway, I was in Mablethorpe last week it was lovely! Is it the Tescos at Horncastle you were thinking of? If so, dont bother - we went there and for some stupid reason (prob cos its in a town centre) you have to pay & display and then claim your parking money back when you pay. This really annoys me cos I never have any change and frnakly havent got time for such pointless exercises and don't shop at my local ASDA for preciseley that reason! Anyway, I totally forgot to claim my 80p parking fee back but realised on the way out so asked at the tobacco Kiosk, they said 'you have to do it when you pay', i said 'I know I forgot' she repeated herself I repeated myself, several times, the manager was stood there I then had the same conversation with her....but still they refused to give me my 80p back FURIOUS......I know it's only 80p but it really pissed me off cos I really feel the checkout staff should prompt you for your ticket and they could have suggested that I buy something else, which I thought of on the way home! One of my freinds suggested I said right I'll have a refund on all my shopping then thank you very much!

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