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Prague or Amsterdam with kids

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kslatts Thu 14-Aug-08 08:51:19

Next year we have decided to spend 2 weeks visiting a few cities in Europe, we have decided on most of the places, we have time to fit in one more but can't decide between Prague or Amsterdam.

Any recommendations would be great. Thanks.

mum2oneloudbaby Sat 16-Aug-08 07:00:11

depends on the kids.

it's a number of years since i've been to either but Amsterdam has/did have a fab science museum right near the station and great canals for trips. Great atmosphere.

Prague very lovely and pretty but a lot of historical buildings and masses of big groups with tour guides getting in the way everywhere. Obviously depends on the time of year you are going.

I would say Amsterdam is fun whereas prague great for a romantic weekend but I loved both.

sarahsmummy Sat 16-Aug-08 19:26:25

I agree. Depends on age of kids and both cities are lovely, but Amsterdam is flat, has canals for something a bit different, lots of parks and is quite compact. Prague's a bit more spread out and is cobbley and hilly! Watch out for the cyclists in Amsterdam, though, they give short shrift to pedestrians!!

mum2oneloudbaby Sun 17-Aug-08 15:39:54

Is Budapest on the list?

If so Szecsenyi baths is worth a visit if the kids are old enough. It's got a whirlypool bit that is great fun and the warm spring water is wonderful. We did it in November when it was freezing cold wonderful. It's an experience. Have a look here

kslatts Sun 17-Aug-08 22:43:33

Thanks for your replies, Budapest does look good.

RustyBear Sun 17-Aug-08 23:27:36

DS (20) came back yesterday from a tour of Europe (Paris, Lyon, Florence,Rome, Venice,Vienna, Bratislava, Budapest,Krakow,Prague,Berlin & Amsterdam) - he said Budapest was the best & Bratislava the worst
Between Prague & Amsterdam, he preferred Prague - Prague is cheaper, good walks, interesting buildings, better atmosphere but says there's probably more to do with kids in Amsterdam.

onceinalifetime Sun 17-Aug-08 23:31:15

Budapest is brilliant for kids, particularly Margaret Island but Amsterdam is fab too - depends on your travel schedule and how you're travelling around. We went to Amsterdam last year and it fitted in well with driving between Antwerp and Hamburg whereas Budapest or Prague obviously further over.

kslatts Sun 17-Aug-08 23:40:54

So far we have decided on Tromso, Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Berlin and finally Paris (inc a night or two in Disneyland). We are only going to have two weeks to fit everything in so are only going to be spending a couple of nights in each place and travelling by train or plane between destinations. We are thinking of adding one more place probably between Berlin and Paris.

Kids will be 9 and 7 and have enjoyed sight-seeing in the past.

Budapest does look great, I think I may try and fit it in even though it is further away than Amsterdam.

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