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Sh*t!..6 weeks to go and dp has changed his mind!..HELP!

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PinkChick Wed 13-Aug-08 21:56:40

we go to cyprus in 6 weeks, same apartments as last year, clean, big, right on beach..NOW dp is having a wobble as there is a hotel over road which 'looks' fantastic..prob is..we dont think our agent use this hotel?, if we wanted to stya here the hotel alone would cost aan extra <<insert hundreds of pounds>> lot of money, but facilities are fab, roooms leading onto pool, largest free form pool in eurpope etc....

'IF' i decided to let dp book this hotel(which is highly doubtful) what would we tell other hotel/travel agent? (we got this how VERY cheap, cheaper than just flights would haev normally cost)

or, do hotels let you use their facilities as a non paying guest>>>>


kslatts Thu 14-Aug-08 09:45:19

Not sure about Cyprus, but we went to Zante last year and were able to use the pools in other hotels. I'd send the hotel an email and ask them.

PinkChick Thu 14-Aug-08 15:04:59

Hi, they 'say' no..but has been suggested they may not be so strict when we get there?? more worried now as hotel we're booked at has received some bad reveiews this year???

were did you stay in zante?, we went to hotel alexandra in lagana

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