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Desperately seeking Rosa/other veneto mumsnetters!! HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

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Leslaki Tue 12-Aug-08 10:12:46

Due to travel to Caorle/Eraclea Mare first thing Thu and I'm now dreading it! It's my first holiday on my own with the kids (ex H left in March) and I've just checked the weather report! It looks hellish!!! I'm on such a quandary now as I was just gonna get the bus/taxi to the campsite but now have images of me and the dc (5 and 6) trudging through a drenched campsite wit all our luggae) and the thought of dragging them out int he wet to get stocked up at the campsite shop is making me want to cry!!! Don't know whether to hire a car or not (can't find my driving licence now although I had it a week ago!!) but am a bit skint and don't know how scay the drive would be from Marco Polo. Can anyone over there please let me know how bad thewetaher is over there and also if Italian taxi driver (broad generalisation I know!) are friendly and helpful and likey to hang about with me and take me to my mobile? Really don't know what to do re hiring a car. Been awak all night worrying about it. Was so looking forwardt to this holiday and now it's spoilt cos of the rain! Do you know if there are any indoor places to go in that area I could reach by public transport or do I really need a car?

many many thanks

girasole Wed 13-Aug-08 16:32:29

Leslaki, don't panic grin
The weather forecast looks pretty good on this site. Go to the box that says "Localita Turistiche" and select the Veneto region and you can check the weather forcast for Eraclea and Caorle. We used this site to keep an eye on the weather in Lake Garda for our holiday there in June, and it was very accurate.
I hope you have a very lovely holiday, by the sound of things you really deserve it smile.

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