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Bandos Island resort Maldives. Anyone been?

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mrspink27 Mon 14-Feb-05 07:58:56

Just about to book with our 2 children dd 2.10 and dd 8m to go to the maldives to Bandos island resort.
Has anyone been there or to the maldives?
any info which u think will be useful would be appreciated.

Enid Mon 14-Feb-05 08:20:41

are the Maldives still above water??

mrspink27 Mon 14-Feb-05 08:44:24

lol, yes relatively unscathed after the tsunami!!!

jenkel Sun 20-Feb-05 16:37:30

We have been twice, not to Bando but other islands before we had kids. I would love to go back with our kids 2 1/2 and 1 but would go in a couple of years time. The only reason for this is that it gets so hot there and I would like the youngest one to enjoy the beach a little and not be in the shade all the time. Also, think it would be helpful is your youngest is more or less eating normal food. Other than that, think it would be a brilliant place to take kids.

RTKangaMummy Sun 20-Feb-05 17:44:34

we went in 2002

we went independantly {as part of world tour}

not with tour company

We were on BANDOS

loved it

had breakfast in restaurant as had bed and breakfast it was ok for breakfast

Don't think could recommend it for full board though

We ate in other restaurants which were lovely

so don't go full board IMHO

Not experienced kids club but does have play park

Swimming pool lovely but not huge

People were SOOOOOOOOOOOOO Friendly though

We loved it

we had our own beach and Indian Ocean

Had to visit doctor while there in middle of night and that was very effecient and worth going to that island for that facility. She was German but spoke excellent english.

Speed boat from Airport was brill too.

DS loved swimming there.

Can really recommend it

RTKangaMummy Sun 20-Feb-05 17:48:58

Swimming pool is in shade of palm trees

EmilyD Mon 21-Feb-05 14:30:45

We have been twice to North Male atoll to an island called Kanifinolhu at the time (now owned by italians i think and called something else) was wonderful holiday - fantastic diving, also been to south male attoll island which had better diving, smaller island.

Personally I wouldn't take my toddler (now 29 months) beause flight is VERY long and it gets VERY hot over there.

I think i enjoyed maldives because we were diving (pre baby) and it was chill time and after being to Greece last year with our son (then 2) he got bored on the beach after an hour! But if your children are really into the beach and there is plenty of entertainment for them and they can hack the flight then go for it.


EmilyD Mon 21-Feb-05 14:32:12

forgot to say, if you go, forget full board, you tend to be restricted to where you can eat and what you can drink and it tends to be buffet only if you go full board. If you go half board you can go to a different beach bar and have e.g toasties etc. Go half board or b&b.

RTKangaMummy Mon 21-Feb-05 22:45:50

When were you thinking of going?

mrspink27 Tue 22-Feb-05 10:10:21

Hurray! DH booked without me knowing..... we're off on 2 April for 2 whole weeks... bare foot and relaxed... think it will be great... trouble is... my mind is now full of what to take and how its all going to fit in.... nappies, wipes, milk, snacks, sun cream by the truck load, hats, bottles, sterilising stuff..... and so the list goes on... very worried am going to forget something vital!

RTKangaMummy Tue 22-Feb-05 10:14:31

There is a little shop there but off the top of my head can't remember if it sold nappies etc.

You can email them.

RTKangaMummy Tue 22-Feb-05 10:17:33


don't have to worry about language

The customers services manager can speak about 6 languages and switches between them instantly.

Everyone is sooooo friendly

mrspink27 Tue 22-Feb-05 10:58:54

Thanks for that info.... still cant quite believe that in 6 weeks will be sitting on a beach...

RTKangaMummy Tue 22-Feb-05 11:21:02

When sitting under coconut tree be careful

I was by the pool and a coconut just missed my head as it fell from tree

We took it to the ice cream/bar next to the pool and he opened it for us and we had fresh coconut

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