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Has anyone flown with thomson and knows what the kids meals are like??

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fifisboys Mon 11-Aug-08 12:47:40

My ds1 can be quite fussy so i'm wondering if anyone knows what kids get in there meals?
I'm thinking of taking some snacks and stuff just incase as we are flying longhaul.

LIZS Mon 11-Aug-08 12:48:56

aren't they usually Monarch flights ?

fifisboys Mon 11-Aug-08 12:59:20

On the tickets its a thomson flight..i dont think monarch fly from our airport..i could be wrong though grin

fifisboys Sun 17-Aug-08 22:34:30


nancy75 Sun 17-Aug-08 22:37:44

ime airoplane food is vile whoever you fly with, if flying long haul take food for the kids and yourself, they never give you enough!

firstmum45 Mon 18-Aug-08 13:37:15

Agree with Nancy75. All inflight food is vile.

Just as Nancy75 suggests take some healthy snacks with you. I still have a meal for my dd3 gives her something to play with! and there is usually a bread roll to nibble.

The only experience I know of decent food on an airline is that of my DH he flew business class to Australia and had an al la carte menu with a choice of wine etc etc with metal cutlery and real glass wine glasses envy so unless your flight is business or first class don't get your hopes up too highgrin.

Charter flights tend to be worse for food you may fair better if you are scheduled.

fifisboys Mon 18-Aug-08 15:09:56 just charter flight this time sad
I'll get some stuff at the airport to take on with us.

kslatts Mon 18-Aug-08 15:14:54

Could you have a meal at the airport and then take a few snacks, we went to Greece last year so not a very long flight, but we got to the airport early and had a nice meal at Frankie and Bennys before boarding the plane.

fifisboys Mon 18-Aug-08 15:37:15

We need to be at the airport about 6.30 am so will have breakfast when we've checked in, have a 7 1/2 hour flight so might take some sandwiches, cereal bars etc just incase

hayley2u Mon 18-Aug-08 15:41:13

no but my sister is an air hostess for thomson so could find out for u

fifisboys Mon 18-Aug-08 15:44:36

Hayley - Yes please, its on a longhaul flight, i'd appreciate knowing what you get, if it's just one meal or if you get a snack etc
Thank you smile

hayley2u Mon 18-Aug-08 15:47:43

iv given her a text ill let you know when she replies xx

fifisboys Mon 18-Aug-08 15:52:11

Thanks smile

hayley2u Mon 18-Aug-08 16:19:24

she said,
they get a meal if you have ordered it, and its not very nice if you have fussy children,you can buy snacks on board like pringles and cholclate, best buying stuff in airport or making sandwiches yourselfx
hope that helps

fifisboys Mon 18-Aug-08 16:31:43

Yes we've ordered one for him, i best get the lunch boxes out grin

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