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MANCHESTER MNetters over here please

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xserialshopper Sat 09-Aug-08 21:27:36

Hi. My friends will be moving to Manchester to work at the Hospital in the city centre. Unfortunatley, they do not know Manchester and need to rent a 3 bedroomed house with a garden.

I told them that I would ask you as I'm not in Manchester.

Could you please help? [grovelling emoticon]

They can afford £400-£500 per month and need to be 15-20 mins away from the hospital by car. Which areas are good? Which ones should they advoid? They have a 1.5yr old daughter so will probably need to be near a good primary school.

PLEASE HELPgrin I said you lot would!

xserialshopper Sat 09-Aug-08 21:41:17


xserialshopper Sat 09-Aug-08 21:46:42


WilfSell Sat 09-Aug-08 21:49:45

Not living in but from...

They're going to struggle to get anywhere to rent on the south side in posh suburbs for that amount. You're looking at 800ish upwards I reckon for 3 bed in Chorlton, Withington etc..

Perhaps somewhere like Stretford or Urmston would be worth looking at on south side.

Otherwise Levenshulme is up and coming still and a bit cheaper. Very good access to city centre. Also Victoria Park. Both studenty areas though.

Prestwich on northside quite nice but not cheap either. Most of Salford could be avoided but Salford west OK. Tameside, Hyde, bits of Stockport nice and cheaper but more of a commute into Manchester.

xserialshopper Sat 09-Aug-08 21:51:18

Thank you sooooo much for that! At last something to work ongrin

xserialshopper Sat 09-Aug-08 22:09:43


xserialshopper Sun 10-Aug-08 14:56:57


themildmanneredjanitor Sun 10-Aug-08 18:41:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

xserialshopper Sun 10-Aug-08 19:01:43

I don't knowgrin I'll ask and post it tomorrow. All I was told that there are about 4 hospitals joined / next to each other in the city centre and he's working there.

Thanks even just for looking themildmanneredjanitor and please check back tomorrow.

stoppinattwo Mon 11-Aug-08 06:25:34

I works around the Hospital area.....there are a few roads that have free parking around there so if she drives she may be able to look slightly more out of town....I would say £550 is reasonable, but will ask my colleague who lives/rents in manchester....infact i think there are those free rental magazines floating around our office, I can pick you one up if you give me your email addy?

stoppinattwo Mon 11-Aug-08 06:25:59

I will post it to you / your mate smile

Cappuccino Mon 11-Aug-08 06:38:38

I think they need to contact a rental agency don't they

xserialshopper Mon 11-Aug-08 10:00:00

Hi everyone. It's St Mary's hospital central Manchester.

Thanks stoppinattwo for the offer but they are coming down in 2 weeks time to trawl the estate/letting agents.

They just really need to know what areas to look at and which ones to avoid - all within a 15-20mins drive to the hospital. I think they could go up to £600pm.

Tortington Mon 11-Aug-08 10:05:09


go on right move

ZZMum Mon 11-Aug-08 10:18:59

I live in South Manchester and most of the nice areas would be a lot more than that -- 25 minutes from city centre does not give you much scope and they will be stuck in some horrible areas for that little money and distance..

Tell them to call Wren in Didsbury -- good agency I have used.. I would suggest they consider a sligtly longer commute - Didsbury is only 4 miles from hospital but can take 30 minutes in the morning traffic..

DisenchantedPlusBump Mon 11-Aug-08 10:22:56

Didsbury isone of the most expensive places to live in South Manchester, along with some areas of Chorlton and Withington.

I agree with Wilself, Urmston is a good option, my mum moved there recently. Stretford is good in places too (but like withington and chorlton has some bad areas)

Fallowfield is cheaper, next to withington, but you would have to check out the area carefully.

To be truely withing 15 mins of St Marys,, I think you would struggle on that budget.

xserialshopper Mon 11-Aug-08 13:42:39

Thanks for all your responsessmile. I'm going to email them this page so they can have a look.

JT Mon 11-Aug-08 13:44:40

Stretford is a bit iffy

Iklboo Mon 11-Aug-08 13:46:01

Just trying to work out if I'm in Salford West or Best to be Avoided grin
We've rent a 2 bed terrace in Salford near to Quays for £400 a month but it's about 30 mins by road from St Mary's
3 bedrooms are about £550

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