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holiday in the uk

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noddyholder Sat 12-Feb-05 17:28:34

If you had to have your summer holiday in the uk where would you go and why?A friend of mine from ireland wants to come here and she has 2 boys 12 and 9 and so they need to be occupied too.Not centerparcs though medium price nice hotel TIA

MaryP0p1 Sat 12-Feb-05 17:50:54

Lyme Regis/ Dorset is fab or Newquay or surrounds. Loads of lovely places to stay all around there.

WestCountryLass Sun 13-Feb-05 20:27:12

I would go here:

There is loads to do in the area for kids:

Bovington Army Museum
Portland Lighthouse (you can climb up to top of lighthouse)
Blue Pool ( really nice walk with lovely tea house)
Swanage steam railway (you can park and ride and stay on the beach all day)

Oh, I could go on and on....

It is a really pretty part of the country and their is loads to do on your doorstep.

grumpyfrumpy Sun 13-Feb-05 22:40:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sallystrawberry Sun 13-Feb-05 22:46:49

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

bundle Sun 13-Feb-05 22:47:28

you'd be hard pushed to beat the gower are there any trendy hotels there?

chocfreeclary Sun 13-Feb-05 23:15:15

we always holiday in the UK fro choice, can't face a plane with my littlies (ds2 is not quite 2).
We go to Tenby because we love the gorgeous beach which even last year (1st time in summer hols) was not that crowded. Lots to do in the area too even if it's rainy. we self cater as I can't face life without a washing machine (!) but I'm dure there are lots of nic hotels on the front too.
My children are younger than yr friend's they like walking as there's plenty of that in Pembrokeshire.

suzanneme Mon 14-Feb-05 00:15:02

We took DD to Jersey last summer (she was 20 months) and had a brilliant time - sun, sea and huge excitement on the ferry. One note of caution though. I was 27 weeks pregnant at the time and very scornful of the ferry company being unhappy at taking anyone over 28 weeks (airlines are 34 weeks; it just seemed silly). On the way back we had a phenomenally rough crossing and I could't stand up and balance at all to get to the loo, and saw exactly what they meant! So if you're in late pregnancy and off to Jersey, I'd say fly! Of course I am too scared of flying to take my own advice, but there you go.

leothefish Tue 15-Feb-05 11:08:44

Try Woolacombe in Devon. Reallly gorgeous beach etc. My 3 year old loves it.

allatsea Tue 15-Feb-05 17:33:47

We went to North Devon last June and had the greatest time. DD was 2.5 yo and ds 8mo. We stayed in a house in Appledore which was ok, the beach opposite at Instow was just beautiful. There's loads to do come rain or shine - my daughter still asks to go to the Big Sheep even though we went nearly a year ago. Friendliness of service was excellent

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